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Have you had a live video medical checkup in the last six months?

In the old days, before the pandemic, we used to visit doctor’s offices or clinics for our regular medical checkups or other medical needs. Now, many of us are seeing our doctors via Zoom or another video chat platform. Alas, there’s no more blood pressure checks or looking into our ears and nose, but considering the circumstances, it’s a pretty nifty way to monitor our health while minimizing COVID-19 risk.

We’re curious how many readers of this newsletter are visiting with their doctors or other medical personnel via their computer, tablet or smartphone. Are you? Have you had such an appointment in the last 6 months?

Curious minds want to know. Remember, it may take a few moments for the poll to load, so please stand by.

Did you miss last Saturday’s poll when we asked: How capable are you or your partner making repairs to your RV? The results were interesting. See for yourself.


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Jeff Williams
2 years ago

Yes, with my VA primary doctor. It went okay. I did not have any problems just a checkup and renew my medication. Asked if i concerns, nope.

The VA doctor was in Louisiana and i was in Arkansas.

He has a local practice in Louisiana and works for the VA in Arkansas.
Great for me

2 years ago

No, I get a checkup every spring.

W. Robbins
2 years ago

Had glaucoma related eye surgery in July. Can’t do that remotely. Have had six follow up visits since. No way to do necessary follow up tests remotely (visual field, photos of eye nerve, pressure checks, dilated eye exam). Appropriate Covid precautions followed (masks, temp checks etc). As a military retiree my PCM is at the military treatment facility (Naval hospital). As a diabetic I see my PCM twice a year. I had my semi annual visit last month. My PCM’s gate keeper called and asked if I could do a virtual visit by phone. I said sure as long as the Dr. was able to check my blood pressure, listen to my heart and lungs, test the feeling in my feet and check my reflexes by phone I’d be happy to. The gate keeper said they would check and call me back. In the call back the gate keeper said my PCM would be glad to see me in the clinic. Clinic visit went well. I don’t see how a person can get a comprehensive exam by phone or computer.

Richard Winchester
2 years ago

Yes, I have to see my Military PCM every 3 months. Won’t let me do video or phone call.

tim palmer
2 years ago

“Yes” for my wife.

Vanessa Simmons
2 years ago

I’ve had 3 video visits with my Dr at the VA. Get labs done a couple of days before. Lots of email back and forth when needed. Had one video appointment with my hand surgeon who prescribed a brace for arthritis as I held up my hand and pointed to where it hurt. I have had both cataracts done since Covid with multiple followups. Also, teeth cleaned and tooth crowned.

2 years ago

I’ve had a two video and two phone medical visits since March. They’ve all been great and my needs were met.

Jeff Arthur
2 years ago

Odd that you can have a annual exam on the phone now. Then again the annual exam is only 10% of what once was , although it’s free now but not really because I’m still questioning why I had to pay for mine ( preexisting conditions?) nullify my case?

2 years ago

I was sent to a specialist and had 3 or 4 appointments with him before the Covid hit. They called and cancelled the next scheduled visit, because of Covid, and tried to set up a virtual visit – BUT – we do not have smart phone or a desk top computer with a camera. The doctor called me and told me “you need to get with it” … and did ask me how I was doing. When I hung up the phone I had this terrible taste in my mouth. I never liked it when self service gas stations came into being either. (They took away jobs that got me thru college.)

Ron T.
2 years ago

I had a follow up phone appointment with a neurologist, but my 3 mo. dermatologist visits and quarterly primary physician visits have been in-person

2 years ago

No video but 2 phone appointments.

John Koenig
2 years ago

I was one of the first of my PCP ‘s (Primary Care Physician) “Video Exams”. The “turn your head and cough and the DRE were interesting….. 😉

Christine Gray
2 years ago

Had my last follow up visit following foot surgery via Zoom on my cell phone. I pointed the phone at my foot so he could see how the incision was healing. And I gave him information about mobility and level of pain. It was very convenient for both of us.

Paul S Goldberg
2 years ago

“Saw” my cardiologist in the spring. We used Duo on our phones. It seemed rather pointless after the fact. His office is not connected to any of the national systems (My Chart etc) so he can’t even order blood work as I was half way across the country at the time. Have seen in person my PCP for complete physical and also dentist and optometrist. In all cases excellent safety precautions were observed.

2 years ago

I’ve had 2 video calls, one with my local civilian doc and another with a VA doc. While they addressed my concerns (all minor), I still feel they might miss something about this old body that an in-person check-up would notice.

2 years ago

We had “in-office” visits last week (ND). The facility is relatively new however, extreme cautions were being taken. separate automated entry-exits, hand sanitizer, temp. check, questions at the door; and a green sticker pass to worn and everyone was masked with separate sign-in desks behind plexiglass and 6′ floor markings. Very few people allowed in at a time – so no waiting room crowding. We felt pretty safe with the whole process – including blood draws and we are senior seniors!

The 6 mo. visit last May was by telephone – not too effective w/o the stethoscope and look see’s.

2 years ago

a live video checkup? i don’t understand the question. we’ve had about half-a-dozen in-person appointments with our docs back in june and we’re getting ready for our semi-annual december round of apoointments. all but one will be in-person. the one exception will be by phone since we don’t have video capabilities on our computers. how many serious and chronic illnesses have gone un-diagnosed and un-treated due to fear? how many have died or are now sentenced to death by fear. precautions? ok. fear? absolutely not!

Last edited 2 years ago by Rich
2 years ago

I have to see a specialist every six months. As a full timer, that meant I had to fly back every six months. With the Telemedicine, my doctor has agreed to do one visit each via the computer. Now I just come back once a year and visit family and the doctor. Now if we could just do the 3 month blood work virtually…

2 years ago
Reply to  Pat

You probably can do the blood work remotely. I have blood drawn for PSA by a lab in Phoenix and they transmit results to my physician in Colorado Springs who calls me with the results.

2 years ago

Mine was in March, 2020 – so longer than the 6 months asked in the survey. My doc started the TeleMed visits as soon as the pandemic started. I was grateful then and now.

Neal Davis
2 years ago

I had my annual check-up/physical in mid-October at my doctor’s office. Everyone was masked and keeping far apart in the waiting room. Certainly proximity was the case and not the exception while my blood was taken, while I talked with the nurse and, later, my doctor. But the proximity was measured in seconds, not minutes. No problems arose subsequent to my visit, virus or otherwise. 🙂

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