Friday, January 28, 2022


Do you wish your RV were five feet longer or five feet shorter?

Do you wish your RV were a little bit longer, say … another five feet? Maybe a bigger bedroom or bathroom would be possible – that might make bumping into your partner all the time a little rarer. That can get old, after all.

Or do you wish just the opposite – that your RV were a little shorter, maybe five feet shorter; that would make fitting in some of those compact National Forest campsites a little easier? Really, do you need all your present space?

Or is your RV just perfect for you as it is?

Inquiring minds would like to know.


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10 months ago

Actually, about 18″ longer would be just perfect.
5 ft more would be too long and 5 ft shorter much too small.

Deborah Mason
10 months ago

I marked just right, but really a couple feet shorter would get us in to more state & national parks.

John Koenig
10 months ago

In 2014, I “graduated” from a 17′ fiberglass “egg” travel trailer I had used as an Extended Time RVer since 2010 to a Freightliner based Heavy Duty Truck, 39′ Super-C motorhome. The engine is UP FRONT so, that takes up ~ 10′ of interior space leaving me with ~ 29′ of usable living space. There are two slide outs but, even with the slides IN, my rig is still ~ 98% usable (something MOST RVs can NOT claim). I became a Full Time RVer in 2018 and, before Covid-19 wreaked havoc, I moved around a lot. Since March, 2020, I’ve been “sheltering in place” in northeast TN waiting for when it will be safe and prudent to resume traveling again. The space my Super-C is enough to keep me from getting “cabin fever” but not so big that cleaning is bothersome. I can easily see myself as being “on the road” for many years to come. I do have a “Plan B” and a Plan C for when the time comes that I need to hang up the keys but for now, the coach I have is just about the perfect size.

10 months ago

26′ 5er is plenty. Can get into parks and ample of space in the basement. Any bigger cost more gas and any small I’d have to sleep outside with the three dogs.

Bob Weinfurt
11 months ago

I’m happy with the MH being 22 feet but the G/F wished it was longer and had a separate bedroom.

Larry Bell
11 months ago

Wider – it’s 25′ long which is perfect for us but a slide out would be nice.

Bradley Anderson
11 months ago

We traded down from a 32′ TT to a 28′ 5er so we can get in more parks, state and national. Our TT is 36′ overall length (bumper to hitch) and coupled to a crew cab pickup the total length is 57′. The TT is for sale now.

Jeff Craig
11 months ago

My 35ft Georgetown triple slide could use a fourth slide (opposing the bedroom slide), and some tech/ride upgrades, but beyond that she’s great!

Mike Albert
11 months ago

To quote Goldilocks, ours is “Just right”. At 24.5 feet, don’t need anything more.

Diane Mc
11 months ago

We we at 34 ft when we moved up to our Dutchstar which is 38’9”. Love our coach and don’t want to give it up, but a few feet shorter would get us into more Natl Parks. With a shorter coach you give up space in the bathroom and/or kitchen, usually. Not 2 places I would want less space. Alway tradeoffs.

Bob P
10 months ago
Reply to  Diane Mc

Our first TT was a 24.5’ bunkhouse with a bathroom so small you had to prepare for what you were going to do before closing the door because once the door was closed you could only move your arms slightly. To take a shower you literally had to stand in the tub/shower and get undressed. I was glad to get rid of that one.

Neal Davis
11 months ago

We plan to downsize when we trade RVs. The next one could be as little as 6 feet shorter and as much as 8 feet shorter. The reduced size will make us small enough to fit into many, many more campsites.

Last edited 11 months ago by Neal Davis
11 months ago

we’ve been 5’ shorter which is why we are now 5’ longer.

11 months ago

Wish it was 5′ longer so the kitchen was bigger. It’s 24′ now.

11 months ago

At 22 feet, my Class C is perfect for one person. It’s easy to park at grocery stores, museums, and attractions, and fitting in a national park site is not a problem.

Robert N. Cordy
11 months ago

“Every year older I get, my RV gets 2 feet longer.” 😟

Donald N Wright
11 months ago

I prefer the Tartis, bigger on the inside than on the outside.

11 months ago

Love it!

Ed K
11 months ago

34′, not too long and not too short. Enough room for me and the Wife and the two cats. And it fits in the existing barn with a couple of feet to spare for winter storage.

11 months ago

We now own a 40 foot Thor, I’ve been wanting to downsize to a 34 foot motor home. After looking for about five years now, I have found Nexus is the only manufacturer that makes a unit in that size that has a Diesel engine, can pull my 8,000 pound trailer, (not has an 8,000 pound tow hitch, but a unit that can actually tow 8,000 pounds) and has a washer and dryer. I am still unsure if I want to switch to a super C, but so far, that seems to be my only option.
So I guess the answer to that question is, I wish it was possible to have five feet less.

11 months ago

We love our RV and the layout. There are times I wish we had an extra 2 feet or so in our living area, especially when we have family/friends visit. Overall, it works very well for the two of us. We purchased it new and even though I’d enjoy that extra space, we have no plans to upgrade.

Ed D.
11 months ago

I have always felt that it is what is contained inside and the layout that is the important thing. Our Class C is 32’7″ and has everything we wanted, inside and outside, of our RV, including ample storage.