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Pop Poll: Did you ever own a lava lamp?


In our Sunday, July 31, newsletter we told you about how the lava lamp came to be invented. If you read it, you know it wasn’t by a hippie.

Many of us older readers recall lava lamps from our college years, where at the peak of their popularity it was almost a crime not to have one on your desk or dresser. Lava lamps create a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere. Their gentle movement and soft light make them especially useful household additions for those who have anxiety or sensory issues.

Well, for some of those hippies who might have been smoking a little illegal tobacco-type product by the light of a lava lamp, the sight was even more sensory. But we won’t go into that.

Today, we’d simply like to know if you ever owned a lava lamp, or if you own one right now. They’ve made a comeback, in case you didn’t notice.

So, okay, time to answer. Please leave a comment.

Oh, by the way. If you want your very own lava lamp like the one above, you can get it at Amazon. Oh, you will be so cool!

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Donald N Wright
4 months ago

I wonder how this would work outside my camper, maybe a string of them to soothe barking dogs.

Tom Gutzke
4 months ago

Never owned one and don’t plan on buying one.

Neal Davis
4 months ago

Never owned one, although this segment has tweaked my interest in buying one. I did see several in apartments and houses where I attended parties in college. I also saw quite a few in dorm rooms along with black lights. My goodness! That was a long time ago! Thanks (?) for reminding me how old I’ve become. 😉

4 months ago

Had a collection but several died. Saw them at Home Depot lighting section yesterday and almost bought a new one…maybe I’ll go back and get one because I miss the hypnotic effect.

4 months ago

I have had a Lava Lamp it seems forever! One day a year or so ago, in an effort to save energy I changed out the bulb in my Lava Lamp to an LED bulb. Well, it doesn’t work, so I switched back. Duh?

Tom Gutzke
4 months ago
Reply to  Walt

An incandescent bulb heats the liquid and globs. As they rise they cool down and drops again. Non-filament [LED] bulbs don’t heat enough for a lava lamp to work.

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