Porsche meets Newell: 2020 models out – Bring your checkbook


By Russ and Tiña De Maris

Pssst! Looking for a new motorhome this year? How about one that will make everyone in the RV resort really drool? How’s this for a catchphrase: “Demonstrative luxury is a dead duck. For [us], this never existed in the first place. We’ve always offered a different kind of luxury; it’s what we call ‘engineered luxury.'”

The speaker? Dr. Juergen Gessler. The “us” in question is the firm he heads up as CEO – Porsche Design Group. Yes, the name is familiar, as its founder, Professor Ferdinand “Butzy” Alexander Porsche, is the man who designed the Porsche 911, that high-performance, high-end sports car. A Porsche 911 may get you plenty of neck-twisting looks from passersby, but it’s a bit difficult to sleep in comfortably, and there’s definitely no room for a galley.

But if your checkbook is big enough, you, too, can get those snap-necked stares of envy, and sleep, bathe, eat, relax, etc., etc., in it too. Just pick up one of the available 2020 model Newell Coach p50 motorhomes – oops – motorcoaches. Newell is touting Porsche as its partner and collaborator on exterior design. The Oklahoma coach manufacturer’s advertisements overflow with superlatives about the design with phrases like “classic, muscular lines,” a “fierce spoiler,” and a “dramatic ‘full frontal’ windshield,” wrapping it up with: “The overall design is aggressive, but refined.”

Classic muscular lines? Fierce spoiler? Dramatic full frontal windshield? Excuse us, but did we just miss the turn into the RV dealership and end up at an all-male strip club?

Spare the superlatives and spoil the spoilers. Here’s a list of what comes on just one of Newell’s motorcoaches-on-steroids:

In the “body” section: Flush mount windows. Euro-style high mount mirrors. Two sliding storage beds. Xenon HID Headlights. RGB Coach Underlighting. Keyless entry. Powerwasher in passenger side engine bay. Premium paint scheme with drop shadows, ghosting and custom blending.

Check out these enhancements in the drivetrain and chassis arena: 605 horsepower Cummins x15 engine with 1950 ft lbs torque. Allison transmission. Steering tag axle. Tire pressure monitoring system. VIP Smart Wheel with power tilt and telescope adjustment. New Newell Cockpit. EasiSteer electric steering assist system. ZF active suspension system. Valid leveling system.

Living Systems: Four roof-mounted air conditioner units. Asko stacked washer and dryer. GE Profile 120 convection oven. Wolf 2 burner induction cooktop. GE Monogram refrigerator/freezer. Fisher & Paykel dish drawer. Garbage disposal. Aqua Hot system.

To keep it all up-and-running, you’ll also get: A 20 kW generator. Radar detector. Total Vision camera system. Electric shore power cord reel. Intrepid Coach 2.0 Monitoring System with 10-inch Monitors at Driver Over, Galley and Bedroom. Intrepid Glass Dash Instrumentation. Push Button Start.

Time would fail us if we were to go into much detail about those indoor entertainment features. But needless to say, there’ll never be a reason for you to say you’ve become bored while having multiple televisions, satellite radio, and high-end surround speakers to pipe all those splendid, muscular notes throughout. Should we have left something of interest out, here’s a link to Drool – er – Newell, for your further perusal.

And to wind it all up, yes, we were those who, if we had to ask, couldn’t afford it. An easy $2 million and change will plunk you down into the massaging, heated, all-leather driver seat.

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Bob Godfrey

I simply cannot imagine needing a radar detector in an RV……….isn’t the idea to relax and enjoy the view?

Rory R

I just love reading some of the comments, with excuses like I want at least 4 induction burners in my rig. (Don’t know where you get that one, i’ve never seen more than two even on a Prevost). Although we know most of these comments are tongue in cheek, even though they read seriously, how many of us can throw out a measly $2M on a new rig. I know I can’t… Absolutely loved the one about designing a Unimog to use a luxury MH..That’s rich, no pun intended…

Bluebird Bob

Yes, but it’s missing one thing behind the steering wheel……………………………me.


All that and then they go and put an induction cooktop in the darn thing …. can’t even use the pots and pans I already have. Oh well, guess we’ll have to buy a different motorpalace.


I think that swirly stuff is UGLY and the interior is made of barn wood?

Where is it going to end with ostentatious design.


Can’t take it to Virginia. It has a built in radar detector

Charlene Pierce

Still not a Prevost!

Susan Byers

LOL!!! It’s still BROWN!!! Why are they almost all BROWN?!?! And shiny and glitzy …
On RV reno facebook groups, the first thing most people do is get rid of the brown. Lots replace the fussy trim with reclaimed wood or simple wood trim. And wood-look floors, not shiny marble … Nah, it just looks like another overdone BROWN RV that needs a makeover.


So how much do it cost????

If youse has to ask, youse can’t affords it!


Annual personal property tax = $94,500.

ANNUAL, .. tax, …each, … and EVERY …YEAR!

fisherman 1

who dumps the poop?


I don’t think my DH would be to happy with a JR. King Size bed after spending 2 mil. His feet would still stick off the end.


As an ex car salesman the only Porsche I’ve ever seen, sold or driven was a piece of junk and I wouldn’t hit a dog in the rear end with one. If there ever was an overrated overpriced pile of junk it had Porsche written on the front or back somewhere.


For 2 Mill I only get a 2 burner induction top? WHAT? I want at least 4 in any coach I buy. Some of the other “features” are no big deal either. So you can keep it.

Michael Johnston

Get back to me when it Levitates, self drives, and most importantly… when I won’t have to mess with those Stinky Slinkies!!


If someone gave me this, I’d sell it and fix up my 1984 Tioga to perfect condition and still have 1.9 million left XD


I’ll take 2 in different colors for different moods!

Lloyd Pilant

If I’m to buy one, I would want to know the mileage.

Diane Mc

As owners of a 1963 356 & a 2003 CS4, we aren’t impressed with the “Porsche” part (not sure how it even relates) as well as the RV part, especially for $2M. Owners most likely celebrities/athletes who have drivers and just show up at location or race track or wherever and use it like you would a hotel. We will stick with our 2002 Newmar Dutchstar :-).

Leo Suarez

$2M price but they still make you turn your head 90 degrees and slightly up to watch TV. Obviously the Porsche people don’t RV too much