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Proposed NM campground to aid overcrowding


With the successful addition of a swimming area in Farmington Lake (in the city of Farmington, N.M.,) the town is now considering adding a dry campground, according to a report by the Daily Times. A new campground means more sites to help with existing overcrowded parks.

Farmington Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Director Cory Styron will present plans to the City Council during a meeting starting at 6 p.m. Tuesday. 

With 40,000-plus visitors to the lake each year, the town has concluded that a campground might be a great addition. The City Council asked Styron to look into options for installing a campground on a small, limited budget. Styron said the city is looking at 20 sites on top of the second mesa as people enter the lake. He said it will allow for both RV and tent camping. Construction of the campground would cost about $140,000 instead of the previous $11.5 million projected in 2015 for a substantially larger one. 

Camping in Farmington will serve as a base for people wanting to explore nearby archaeological sites like Chaco Culture National Historical Park and the Salmon Ruins.



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Tina GAllagher
5 years ago

I live near Farmington Lake, I have an RV and I think the idea is great. I can get away for a weekend without having to find a campground, then travel to the lake itself.

5 years ago

Campground builds and operation don’t have to be expensive “resorts”, that unfortunately KOA’s are doing. All you need is a good flat location that you can install decently space gravel pads, o folks could park for a couple of days, to see the area. If you have a dump facility, even better. $140.000, is a good price to build. Operating with a “you bring it in, you take it out” policy is one of the easiest maintenance policies around.

RAK Quality Construction
5 years ago

Somebody made a mistake, picture is of Navajo Lake and not Farmington Lake.

Emily Woodbury
5 years ago

Oops! Thanks for the catch, RAK!

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