Wednesday, July 6, 2022


Protect your pets with a Sun & Bug Blocker suit

By Bob Difley

Sun & Bug Blocker suit
Sun & Bug Blocker suit

With summer and increased outdoor activities fast approaching … there is now a way to protect your pooches from possible cancer-causing UV radiation, dangerous insect bites and grass burs. Hurtta’s new Sun & Bug Blocker suit covers a dog’s legs, body and neck with a thin but strong breathable material that is impregnated with Clariant Sanitized® finishing.

This breakthrough finishing repels and helps protect dogs from harmful UV rays, mosquito, horsefly and tick bites. The Sun & Bug Blocker suit is constructed from a lightweight and flexible material that makes it easy to put on and allows the dog unrestricted freedom of movement.

So whether it’s a hike through the woods, a day at the beach or a boating trip on the lake there are certain precautions that pet owners need to take to protect their dogs from sunburn, mosquitoes, tick bites and grass burs. Hurtta’s new Sun & Bug Blocker Suit is the natural solution and is available on Amazon.

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