Monday, November 28, 2022


Pull out storage organizes RV galley

By Duane Curtis
Can’t find those things on the back of the deep shelves in your RV kitchen? Here’s our solution, right off the shelves at Lowe’s. At the big-box hardware store we ran across slide out containers.

These can be easily mounted with just four screws, and it’s amazing what you can put in them. Our fifth wheel has a five-shelf deep cabinet next to the refrigerator. We took three of these pull out wizards and mounted them in the spaces of three of the existing shelves. Fill ’em up and put ’em away. Need something? Roll out the container and you can easily access the contents. Here’s a plus: Even if your cabinet door pops open when traveling, the contents will stay put rather than blasting out onto the floor.

Our units mount to the bottom of the shelf and allow a little space to the side of the bin. You’ll not only find these at Lowe’s but also at other stores, including Bed Bath & Beyond.


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