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Every RVer has a gear, gadget or accessory purchase they regret

Maybe you’ve been there. You had good intentions. You may have talked to other RVers for advice. And read all the reviews, too. But after all is said and done, you really regret making that purchase. It may be right for some RVers. It’s just not right for you. Have you purchased something for your RV that you now regret? We have. I’ll share some of our regrettable purchases if you’ll own up to yours. (You can do so in the comments.)

Zero-gravity loungers

Even on sale, these were pricey! We loved how great it felt to lean back and simultaneously feel our feet elevate. Comfortable? Yes, our zero-gravity loungers are probably the most comfortable chairs we’ve ever owned. The trouble with them turned out to be two-fold. First, the loungers were huge. Even folded, they took up a lot of valuable space in our fifth wheel’s basement/storage area. Once the two oversized chairs were finally settled into place, there just wasn’t room for much else! The second issue? They were impractical for our use. We like to sit around a campfire. Keyword: sit—not recline. The bulky chairs tended to unfold themselves when carried and were heavy to lug around. After just two camping trips, our zero-gravity chairs found a new permanent home on our stix-n-brix deck. We replaced them with the standard, web-woven, lightweight, folding lawn chairs. And we’re so much happier!

Portable ice maker

This purchase seemed like a good idea at the time. After all, if you are camping you need ice, right? Turns out, we don’t. Well, we do use ice, but our Dometic refrigerator produces all the ice we need—and then some! I wish we’d waited to see how well the refrigerator’s ice maker worked before purchasing the portable maker. The good news? We sold it to another RVer for the exact amount we’d originally paid. Win-win.

If you are in the market for a portable ice maker, these are your best options. It just wasn’t for us.

RV cover

The four-season RV cover came along with the “new-to-us” (pre-owned) RV that we purchased. Former owners of the rig said they never used the cover, even though the paperwork and storage bag were missing. (Hmmm. Perhaps we missed a “red flag” here?) We felt quite fortunate scoring the cover until the first time we attempted to put it on our rig. Just getting the heavy and unwieldy bundle onto the roof of our fifth wheel tested our strength and determination! To say it’s heavy is a considerable understatement! After much grunting, pushing, and heavy lifting, we finally boosted the huge mass onto the RV roof. Then, we stretched and pulled, took turns standing on the RV’s roof and down below, and finally gave up. I’m convinced that the cover is made for a much smaller RV, though there’s no way to tell. (Did I mention no directions/paperwork came with the cover?)

You’re up next!

Now it’s your turn. Do you regret a purchase (or two or three) that you’ve made for your RV lifestyle? Go ahead, admit it in the comments below.



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Grant Edgar
17 days ago

I thought a little dish drainer would be a good idea. It tipped over if I put a cup on it before loading the plates. Then I had to dry it and put it away. Now I just put the clean dishes in the second sink for them to drain. Tire pressure monitor with instructions in Chinglish. Can’t understand it.

Lee Ann
21 days ago

I thought I would help hubby out by purchasing “useful” items for the propane tanks. First purchased a product that attached underneath tank and linked to an app to tell when near empty. Didn’t work well. Then purchased the Truma laser-like tank contents measurer and it didn’t work well or at all more often than not. Gave up on measuring the contents as hubby just lifts the tanks and “feels” the weight. Next I bought a strap for the truck to hold the tanks when he took to fill. He still hasn’t figured out how it works and stores it in a container. Finally I bought the Gas Stops that hubby found a pain to take on and off but several “experts” convinced him it was a safety thing and worth the effort so they were put back on. I’ve learned to leave the propane tanks to hubby and focus on other things🤭.

21 days ago

Lippert Flow Down sewer hose support was definitely the biggest waste of money that we made. It is a pain to assemble and impossible to use unless the run is perfectly straight. Sold it on FB Marketplace for almost what I paid for it. Good riddance.

Larry Lee
21 days ago

Cobb cooker makes delicious food but is way too much work to clean after using. Now just taking up room in RV basement storage compartment.

21 days ago

Hooray! I’m going to print out all the “zero-gravity” chair posts. Maybe it’ll work and I can get rid of ours. 4 years and use them about once a year (I think), Thanks all.

Ted Borstad
21 days ago

A portable plastic clothes washer that you turn by hand. It’s easier to just wash one or two things in a pan, and not have to store the bad decision.

Tom S
21 days ago

Tried to get more out of a 350 Chevy engine climbing hills, added dual exhaust and un underdrive to the transmission. Only emptied my wallet with no gains.

21 days ago

I’ll add to my previous comment in that we bought a portable icemaker. Actually bought for at home use when our regular icemaker died. It’s too bulky for camping and I don’t have the dedicated storage space for it. So right now it’s in a box in the coat closet of our house.
But I found a great low-tech solution for making ice. They’re called ICE CUBE TRAYS. An amazing invention! You simply fill them with water and place them in the RV freezer! And when they’re frozen, you place the cubes in a Ziplock bag and make more! It’s sheer genius!!!

21 days ago

A Little Red Campfire; too much bother for one person, don’t need fire for me and dog. A surge protector; I never plug in. Little gas generator; don’t need it. When I was getting started, a forum said many things were must-haves. What nonsense. I’ve sold them. An Omnia oven; it’s fine, but I don’t use it, hope to sell. People love them, but I use a stovetop Dutch oven. Some other things would be useful, but don’t have room for them, so they get left home. Had a hard time finding the right table for uneven ground so had to get rid of a couple. One to go, it’s wonderful but too cumbersome for one person.

21 days ago

Yes on the zero gravity (hanging in garage); yes on the rv cover (too much for 39 feet); no on ice maker – we haven’t used it much in years, but it still sits in the same spot on the counter, despite all the travel. It is useful at certain times.
One of my notable regrets is my tire pressure monitor (forgot the brand). It cost about $300 and kept losing signal with the trailer tires, even with the extender. I have a propane tank monitor, one side, never put batteries in it.
I had a king pin support, only used it a few times and attached supports for the landing gear and rear stabilizers. I never tighten them down, anymore.

22 days ago

definitely the RV cover. Had to leave the country for an extended time. When I came back it was a shredded mess. And it was put on correctly with the help of another experienced RVer. Also one of those tools to carry your hitch ball. Much more trouble than it was worth. I would also say most hitch locks are worthless.

22 days ago
Reply to  steve

ALSO, the biggest problem I had with some of these items mentioned in other comments as well, is DON’T CHEAP OUT. I did sometimes and it never worked out

22 days ago

We had to have the latest and greatest Magellan RV GPS. We (I) struggled with the learning curve and it’s features for months. I can’t say if we still even have it. Just boxed it up, stashed it away and have used my phone ever since. Portable icemaker…got tired of dealing with it everytime we moved. It’s footprint was too big for fulltiming. I gave it to my brother when we were visiting. We rarely use ice, but when we do, we just buy a bag. Zero gravity chairs…thought about it but just said NO!

22 days ago

We love our 1 zero gravity chair that we take to every camp ground, however the ice machine has only gone once and now has a place in our home basement. Our biggest waste of money and space was the cast iron kettle/pot. Used once, burnt food, a mess to clean, weighs too much and now that sits in a box in the garage.

22 days ago

I bought a propane tank monitor that sits under the tanks and tells the level in each tank. I already have tanks with built in liquid level gauges so why did I buy the monitor? It’s still in its box. I guess I’m a gadget freak.

Bob p
22 days ago

Folding rocking chairs, very comfortable, very easy to set up and take down. We bought them for our new to us class A, to wide to fit in basement storage bay and had to move stuff out of the pass thru to store. Daughter wanted to trade for a reclining lounger, SIL didn’t, one gone, now neighbor inherited the other one last February when we moved to FL.

Jim Prideaux
22 days ago

This guy is going to have a lot of regrets. Why buy a portable ice maker in the first place if your fridge makes ice? I have all three he mentions — chair, ice maker and cover. Love them and use them. Would buy again. One thing i regret is a Y electric pig tail, one plug 30 amp the other 15 to give me more amps for my50 amp cable. Never really worked. Use a simple 30 to 50 pig tail and never had any problems.

22 days ago

I’ve bought several things I’ve regretted. Rand McNally GPS, (couldn’t update it, horrible screen) a first gen TireMinder TPMS (only alarmed in a rainstorm due to temperature drop), a fancy and expensive sewer hose system (too bulky and it leaks, no customer support), and other assorted gadgets.
I buy almost nothing now unless there is a need for it.

Lisa Adcox
22 days ago

We had same experience with zero gravity chairs. Comfy but too big to lug around. They are on brothers pool deck now.

Karen S.
22 days ago

I agree about the Zero Gravity Loungers. They are not practical for just sitting in. But the Portable Icemaker we do use when we stay 3 months in Florida. We do not take it on shorter campouts, when we pack ice from home. Our motorhome does not have a refrigerator/freezer with an icemaker. 🙁

Wayne Caldwell
22 days ago

I agree with the comments regarding the Zero Gravity Chairs. We use them because we have them, but wouldn’t miss them if they weren’t there.

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