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RV cleaning tips & tricks for the summer season from Eva-Dry

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TAMPA, Fla. – July 30, 2018 – (

For recreational vehicle owners, the RV is their home away from home, and keeping it clean is imperative to ensuring the interior and exterior lasts. With a little planning and preparation, one can be sure to keep the RV in working order, while not taking too much time away from the vacay! While traveling here are some quick RV cleaning tips and tricks from Eva-Dry:

  • Washing the exterior: While the frequency of washes depends on several things, it is a good idea to wash the RV exterior regularly. An annual all-over cleaning is highly recommended, but daily or weekly rinses and washes may be necessary!
  • Interior cleansing: It is important to let the inside of the RV “breathe” while cleaning. Open all windows and then get ready to get scrubbing. Take a top to bottom approach to ensure all areas of the RV are being looked after. Clean the vents, the ceiling, the floors, bathroom, kitchen, and sleeping/lounging areas thoroughly with disinfectant products.
  • Cook outside: Even if a kitchen is available in the RV, on days that the weather is cooperating consider cooking outside to prevent excess moisture from building up inside the RV.
  • Ventilation: Keeping the RV cool during the summer depends a lot on maintaining proper ventilation inside the cabin. Installing vent covers over the roof vents is one way to allow fresh air to circulate. Keeping your windows open during desirable weather will also help to reduce humidity levels. The ultimate way to control indoor humidity, however, is to use an RV dehumidifier.

“During your RV travels, don’t forget to bring along a renewable dehumidifier to keep the family comfortable all summer long,” said Matt Henson, Vice President of Business Development for Eva-Dry.

The dehumidifiers from Eva-Dry absorb moisture using natural silica gel beads that are a safe, non-toxic defense against allergens and RV odors. Eva-Dry dehumidifiers require no electricity, operate silently and are spill-proof. Best of all, they can be recharged and can last up to ten years! Get ready to hit the road and be prepared to manage excess moisture easily with an Eva-Dry dehumidifier.

About Eva-Dry Dehumidifiers
Since 2003, Eva-Dry compact dehumidifiers have earned their reputation as the safest, healthiest and most efficient method to reduce ambient moisture by providing a higher absorption rate than alternate disposable dehumidifying products. The compact, renewable Eva-Dry units reduce humidity to fight mold, moisture and mildew in homes, boats, RVs, safes, and other valuable item storage. Visit here or call (877) 382-3790 for more information.

NOTE: Eva-Dry dehumidifier products are also available on




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4 years ago

In a free publication I don’t mind ads selling products which this clearly is, but label it as such.
And daily exterior washes? If I were some place that required that, I don’t think I’d stay very long.
I have used one if their products and it worked well.

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