Tuesday, August 16, 2022


Alone for a week in a “rainforest.” But all is good

By Chuck Woodbury

Rain is pounding on the roof of my motorhome. It’s so loud that it would be hard to talk over it. I’ve headed off to the forest for a week, by myself this trip. I do my best thinking (and writing) when I’m alone, and my very best of it when I do it in my RV. It’s been that way for me for 30 years.

My neighbors, all around me.

My neighbors are fir trees, cedar trees, and assorted ferns in every direction. The nearest RV is 100 feet away, but hidden from me by trees and bushes. It’s like I am all alone. It’s so green and lush here I could easily imagine I were in a rainforest. It’s not, but it looks and feels like one today. Drip, drip, drip. . .

My 32-foot motorhome is “my mountain cabin.” I’m not in the mountains, but it feels like it with the tall trees all around. I grew up near Los Angeles, which is a desert. Our family camping trips were often to the mountains, where we camped under pine trees. To this day, anything that resembles a pine tree reminds me of those magical days from my childhood.

It’s too wet to go outdoors, so I have stayed inside all day, writing, Zooming with friends and associates, and savoring the sound of the rain. I love camping on a warm summer day, but I am equally happy on a dark and wet day like today. It’s incredibly cozy in my little portable home. I am content and happy.

OK. It’s 3 p.m., the time of day when I often begin to fade a bit. I think it’s a good time for my afternoon siesta. The pitter patter of rain on the roof will probably knock me out quickly.

I love my little motorhome, and I marvel how happy it can make me, even on a dark, wet, and otherwise miserable day.


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Greg Thompson
1 year ago

I totally agree with you Chuck. One of my most memorable camping trips was a few years ago. My wife and I were boondocking in the Uinta Mountains in north east Utah. It was a beautiful day when we arrived and we got camp all setup. We had a nice campfire that night with plans of cooking a Dutch oven roast over the fire the next day.
It started raining right after we crawled in bed. The rain continued off and on (mostly on} for the next three days.
We spent those days snug and warm in our Fifth Wheel playing dominoes, cards, board games, reading or just napping together. We cooked the roast in the Dutch oven on the top of the stove and went crazy smelling our dinner cooking. It was great and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Luckily my truck has 4WD or we wouldn’t have gotten out though.
Since that trip we ignore the weather forecast (unless high winds are predicted) and we just go knowing that we will still enjoy our time together.

David Howard
1 year ago

I envy your feeling of contentment in your RV, something I rarely feel in my little 19 foot travel trailer. Yes, when sitting down to a nice “home cooked” meal at the dinette table, I often think about the years that we camped in a tent, and sat on uncomfortable folding chairs next to a campfire, praying that it didn’t rain while we were trying to enjoy dinner. And sleeping in our own bed rather than the “unknown” of a motel bed can bring a feeling of contentment. But our RV just is too small when confined there during bad weather or otherwise. And going out in a heavy rain, or worse, snow, to dump the tanks, unhook the water line, disconnect the electrical line, hitch up the camper to the tow vehicle and get back on the road muddy, tired and wondering if its all worth it as opposed to just stopping at the motel desk to drop off the keys, makes me less than content. Even at campgrounds with full hook ups it is hard to be more than just okay about where we are.

Al Hubbard
1 year ago
Reply to  David Howard

There have been days when I absolutely agree with you: find me a Hampton Inn! That said, I recall a trip we took with our first TC, a little old Palomino popup that I bought as an experiment. I think I calculated it had 12 1/2 sq. ft. of floor space, counting under the dinette. (Be sure you lock the door at bedtime, as that’s where the portapotti sits!) Pretty basic, but I didn’t have to tow it, and it fit about anywhere my truck would fit without it. Sitting on a mountain top in Vermont, we spent a night, snug as bugs, listening to some of the hardest rain we’d ever heard. If the little camper leaked a drop, we couldn’t find it, and after unzipping all the windows in the morning, we have never forgotten the smell of the mountain air and the taste of that instant coffee. It is truly all in the eye of the beholder, isn’t it?!

Thomas J. Clark
1 year ago

Yeah, my wife and I enjoyed a very rainy camp trip to the Nolin Lake State Park Campground in Kentucky. Quiet, peaceful, few campers hunkered under their awnings, but couldn’t have a camp fire. The thing is, this time of the year, this was a beautiful experience, not an inconvenience at all. The tent campers, on the other hand,……..oh boy!

Jack Eugene Blaydes
1 year ago

love a good nap in the rain in my RV

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