Rants not welcome on this website


    By Chuck Woodbury

    This person is not welcome.

    Last Saturday, our big day at RVtravel.com when we open our cyber doors to about 40,000 visitors (readers), some readers’ comments got nasty.

    For the record, we won’t tolerate that sort of self-expression on this website or on any of our others. It will either be intelligent, thoughtful, considerate discussion or no discussion at all.

    This website is where I live most of the time. Of course, I don’t really live here because I am not a digital creation. But my words and thoughts live in this space, as do those of our other writers and many readers, who contribute thoughtful, usually helpful comments. Since we moved our website to a new server in 2016, readers have contributed more than 11,000 comments. About 99.9 percent of them were respectful and added value to the discussion.

    But other less intelligent creatures show up on occasion to slam others with nasty, ignorant remarks, basically saying “I’m right and you’re wrong, so screw you!”

    Well, that is simply not acceptable. So what we do is delete their displays of ignorance, banishing their obnoxious missives into distant cyberspace, where they die and are sucked into the dark matter of the Universe, never to be witnessed again by human eyes.

    So, here’s the deal: Be nice. Be fair. Please, say what’s on your mind, but honestly, without spite, and consider that maybe, just maybe, you could be wrong and the other guy right.



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    Just be civil. State your point, keep it relevant To say free speech is unlimited, that you can say anything you want, consequences be damned, is the old ostrich head in the sand.


    Thanks RP. Well said!!

    Eric Swenson

    I don’t know why we ar not seeing more campgrounds. I have been to a few almost new
    RV parks here in Oregon, very nice and not cheap.
    I think that is the way it will go..expensive RV parks.
    We are going to sell our less (just slightly) 1 year old Winne ERA 170a 4×4. We both had a much different expectation on what the whole RV scene was like.
    Wish it was different.


    Unfortunately there are nasty people who troll the internet looking for anyplace they can post a nasty comment on whether the subject interests them or not. They use profanity and name calling which ruins it for the rest. Sorry you are a target of them too.

    Chuck Maurice

    Its raining in Richmond today….Well I thought about going to the RV show in town this weekend….. My wife said….. after four units we’ve owned in the past, she would not go and I must leave the checkbook at home……case closed…..where’s that book “Killing England”, I’ve been reading……..


    “Distant Cyberspace”. The modern equivalent of the circular file.

    C. B.

    Steve its very costly to add sewer & elec,. plus you have get it passed the zoning bd. county, state & local, every one has a say in your project. we had a campground this was in the 80″s more rules now..
    Chuck keep up the good work!


    Thanks for the “rant”, Chuck! Well done and I completely agree with you. I come to this website to learn, to get ideas, and to be an informed RVer. The nastiness and political commentary from some readers just doesn’t belong here. There are plenty of other websites where those inclined can engage in such behaviour. We don’t always have to agree with each other but let’s all do our part to keep things civil and apolitical.


    I’m interested in the answer too.

    Don Blehm

    From April to October we enjoyed camps in 9 States with our 33 foot TT. Wintering at a fine CAMP in the Arizona desert has added four couple’s to our list of true friends forever. It has been good to park awhile and get acquainted.

    steve peterson


    A few issues back you were commenting about the number of new RV’s, which I see was over a half a million in 2017, and campgrounds. It is common knowledge that sites are hard to find at certain times of the year and is expected to get tighter as more boomers retire on the road and more families find camping as a cost effective way to enjoy time off.

    One thing I have noticed is how many campgrounds cater to the seasonal camper, the people who take their camper to a campsite and it stays there all season long even though they are not at the camper most of the time. Some are there but many are weekend campers with a permanent site set up. I am sure there is a financial advantage to both CG owner and camper alike, but it is not appealing to me! I want to move and see this great country!

    You also mentioned that there are few new campgrounds opening and certainly not enough to meet current and future demand.

    So my quandary is “Why is that?” Why are we not seeing more new campgrounds? And why do you think many of the existing CGs are not upgrading things like electric and sewer? Is it expense and I am sure that is part of it? Too much work for the money to be made? Are there so many campers looking that they don’t need to make the place better? (Sorry if that sounded cynical)

    I am not a CG owner so I am asking for your thoughts. What do you think it is going to take to get a boost in new CGs? We are a year from retirement and will be part Full timers and looking to workamp – sounds like fun!

    Thanks, and thanks for a great newsletter!