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MENU readers have seen real-life UFOs, even an RV UFO!

We recently asked if you have ever seen a UFO or some other type of inexplicable phenomenon in the sky. Not surprisingly, this question did not get as many responses as our usual queries. Nonetheless, some of you have had some astounding real-life UFO experiences. (To read about a couple of mine, see our original post.)

I say not surprising, because if it was common, there would not be such a mystery surrounding UFOs. And also because a lot of folks are reticent to share such experiences for fear of ridicule.

Are UFOs RVs?

While he did not share a personal experience, Robert T., nonetheless, had an interesting take on the topic:

“I believe that UFOs are time travelers that come back to check on us. In the future to travel back in time, for instance, you have to go at least 1,000 years. Maybe time travelers are the RVers of the future? They hop and skip through time and stay only for a short time.”

Maybe so, Robert. Can you imagine the maintenance on that kind of RV?!

Without further ado, here are some of the most compelling UFO experiences you shared. Not all involved RVing, so it just goes to show that these things happen anywhere and everywhere, even near home, and sometimes on the other side of the world.

Recent real-life UFO experiences

“About a week ago (Feb. 2023), I was at an Arizona state campground called Picacho Peak. I woke up in the middle of the night and there were lights over the mountain. They were not moving fast enough to be a plane nor did they have a red or green light that a plane would have. We were remote enough that I can’t imagine it was anything like a balloon, plus it was in the middle of the night.”
—Jim J.

“Alamogordo, New Mexico, was where I saw an unusual white light in a rural campground.  This happened in the week of April 1 to April 7, 2022, at about 10:30 PM. I was taking our dog out for her last walk before bed. The night sky was very dark. As I was gazing at the stars I was thinking how there was not much light pollution. Then I saw a bright white light traveling in an arc, and then suddenly it made a 90-degree sharp turn and accelerated very fast and disappeared.”
—Carol B.

“Twice I have seen a very large UFO about 4 miles east of AZ87 14 miles south of Coolidge, AZ. while stopped near the Nikola Electric Truck Factory in the fall of 2022.”
—Jeffery S.

“My wife and I were camping at New Melones Lake in California in 2020 with our new Lance RV. It was a crystal clear night and being that far away from town, we could see all the stars so we were outside by the fire. At some point, I looked up and saw a string of white lights that went from the horizon to the other side of the horizon and was traveling at a pretty good speed. There were hundreds. It was very unnerving, until the next day when we learned that a string of satellites had been launched in California and it passed over our location.”
—Randy W.

Older real-life UFO experiences

“This happened in 1965 or 1966 in Coral Gables, Florida. There was a light in the sky traveling fast in a northeast direction and seemingly high up in orbit. I first thought it was a satellite. All of a sudden it made a right angle (90°) turn, stayed in that direction for about 5 seconds and then made a left angle (270°) turn to continue on its original course. Five seconds later, another right-angle turn, and 5 seconds after that a left-angle turn. It continued doing that all across the night sky.”
—Jay G.

“I actually did see a UFO. I was sort of camping out as I was on a mountaintop in Vietnam in 1968. Myself and two others from my squad were on watch and three nights in a row three unidentified objects came through the sky in approximately the same location and direction. Moving faster than another aircraft we had seen, making sudden stops and then 90-degree turns. It was quite a show. No. We weren’t smoking pot or drinking alcohol. I know we weren’t in an RV, but sort of camping under the stars, in an American mountain camp that had just been overrun by enemy soldiers. It was a sight I have never forgotten and am happy I was a witness to that show for three nights in a row.”
—Bill B.

More-than-once UFO sightings

Strange lights spotted off the coast of Myrtle Beach, SC
Strange lights spotted off the coast of Myrtle Beach, SC. Photo credit: Audrey E.

“Every April, we make a pilgrimage from central Massachusetts to PirateLand in Myrtle Beach, SC. On at least three occasions over the last 20-plus years, we’ve seen odd lights appearing and disappearing in the beach sky. If you Google UFO’s Myrtle Beach you’ll find all kinds of references to people seeing them. Often, they can be explained as there are active military bases in the area. But sometimes they just can’t be! The photo above (apologies for the poor quality) was taken from PirateLand’s beach on Sunday, April 19, 2018, at 8:33 PM. We had a gang sitting on the beach, watching these lights appear, disappear, and then reappear. The next day we Googled sightings of UFOs from the night before but didn’t find anything that could explain it.”
—Audrey E.

Campground UFO Sighting

“I was camping in a community park campground near the Grand Coulee Dam. The night was clear and beautiful and filled with millions of stars. We were the only campers there. We laid on the ground on sleeping bags to star gaze and look for satellites. One of the moving lights we thought was a satellite moving at a slow rate suddenly stopped. It remained stationary for less than five seconds and then went off at a 90-degree angle at high speed. I don’t know if it was a UFO, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a plane or a satellite!”
—Robin D.

On the way to work real-life UFO sightings

“On a winter evening coming home from work at about 8 PM, I spotted a light in the sky almost directly overhead. It was moving, but slowly and eventually stopped in mid-air. I pulled over, put the window down and shut off the engine to watch. It made no sound. Shortly a fighter jet, which is unusual to see in this area, passed by it and off the light went, fast, making no sound. I happen to know a high-ranking officer at the local air reserve station, so I asked her about it. In a few days she reported back to me that no one knew anything about it. I will never forget it.”
—Mike S.

“This happened just north of the Kansas City, MO, airport, early morning, as I had to be at work by 6:50 AM. I was driving from 60 miles north of KC. I first saw some lights in a triangle pattern, not moving. At first, I thought it was from the airport, but I wasn’t close enough to the airport for it to be that. Plus, they were higher than any building or tower light. I pulled over as I got closer. Then it went straight up slowly and then came back down to where it originally was. It did this up/down thing 2-3 times, and then took off horizontally so fast I barely saw it move before it was gone. I checked the newspapers to see if anyone else saw it or reported it. Nope. This happened more than 20 years ago, but because of the oddity, I remember it clearly.”
—Karen T.

When the UFO is the RV!

real life UFO experiences, UFO car or RV
Photo credit: Doug T.

“We actually saw this ‘UFO’ on our way camping. It was doing 70 mph down interstate 70 in Indiana. We couldn’t believe our eyes when we started coming up on it! If you zoom in on the picture, you will see there are several people inside the UFO. We didn’t get to talk with them but would have loved to. I bet they get a million pictures taken of them. Seriously, it was doing 70 mph down the interstate! To us, it was a pretty cool sighting. I had posted this picture on my Facebook page a few years ago and forgot about it until today’s poll.”
—Doug T.



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7 days ago

Was camping(tenting) at Delta Beach on the south end of Lake Manitoba when I was 15. Was a calm July night and the Northern lights were on display. They were dancing all over the sky. We were sitting on the beach and my friend, who happened to be of Cree ancestry, said” My grandparents told me of a legend once. If you whistle long enough, the lights will come down to you and make you fall asleep!
Of course we didn’t believe him so we started whistling! Lo and behold, after about 10 minutes, the Northern lights looked like they were coming down to lake level and coming at us fast! There was also a twinkling light among them and moving towards us even FASTER!
As it approached, it got bigger and dimmer, but enough that we could make it out against the lights! As we stood up to make a run for the hills, it passed right over our heads and didn’t make a sound! Not even a breeze as it zipped over us!
No drugs or booze consumed! Never told a soul, til now!

Last edited 7 days ago by Rolly
Diane McGovern
7 days ago
Reply to  Rolly

Very interesting, Rolly. Thank you for sharing your amazing story. Have a great day. 😀 –Diane at

11 days ago

I often wonder how many RVers pay attention to the night sky and what they see. It must be amazing at times.

11 days ago

Living in the Mojave desert in 1976 or 1977 we saw a UFO the size of a football stadium fly 400-500 feet above us followed by a second UFO (the same as the 1st one) heading in the direction of Edwards AFB, Ca.

Bob M
11 days ago
Reply to  JAMES

That’s odd, I don’t remember hearing about it. I was stationed at Edwards AFB. Edwards had all kinds of planes and Jets.

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