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Meet your fellow readers, September 19, 2020

We asked readers to tell us about themselves. Here are a few responses.

From Pam Kuras. We are new campers in North Carolina, but we’ve been dreaming about RVing for most of our 29 years of marriage. We started searching for a used travel trailer this past winter, then closed the deal in March — just before COVID-19 shut down the world. Despite four expensive RV equipment failures, we’ve managed to camp at six of our local state parks this summer. We are not finding it too difficult to reserve a campsite with hook-ups in our area, but we’ve only visited public campgrounds so far. This photo was taken at Jones Lake State Park last weekend, where we were the only campers in the entire park for two days out of our trip!

From Gene Sannes. My wife and I have spent the last 58 years traveling and staying in campsites, from tents to campers I pulled behind my motorcycle, and for the last few years in either a camper trailer or fifth wheel. The most adventurous camping was when we lived in England for 10 years. Spending 42 years with the military, we traveled to many places and camped in many a strange place, some that were very rough, to those with beautiful scenery. We never stay long in any one place, and as I tell people, we have concrete and white lines to see and we don’t want to be late. We may not see everything worth seeing in one area, but we see many beautiful places in many areas. For both of us, when we get to 100, we must figure out what to do with our lives.

We are Rick and Lisa Adcox from Tennessee. We dreamed of full-timing for more than 21 years but put it on the back burner while raising a grandchild. The dream did not ever go away. We finally launched in 2018 and never looked back. We did monthly camping trips for over 18 months to see what we needed, how to use the trailer and how to live in a small space. We loved it. Sold our home, sold the contents and off we went. We found it liberating cleaning out and going more minimal.

We had a few oops moments like hitting our mailbox on our first trip to a big accident in 2019 that totaled our trailer. We did not let either deter us. We upgraded and hit the road again. We just recently realized we have stayed at more than 22 RV parks in this beautiful country.

We travel with our four fur babies and we also work camp as we travel. We love meeting people along the way. Some have become lasting friends. We see changes happening — more people purchasing RVs and more going full-time. We think seeing this country by RV is amazing.

From Nancy Love. We were brand new to RVing and bought a used class A. Started out on the first adventure with kids, dog and Gram. Loaded the fridge to the most it would take! Getting on the highway ramp my husband floors it to get going around a curve. All of a sudden the fridge flies open and everything flew out of the fridge everywhere! What a mess!! Lesson learned: take curves slower and don’t overload the fridge like you’re going to never never land.

From Chris Ludlow. We are 4×4 truck campers. Not just on the beach though (that’s where we live). We are just outside Bethany Beach, Delaware. We (usually) spend a lot of time on the “drive on” beaches here (Assateague Island National Seashore and Delaware State Seashore) but avoid large gatherings of tourists (they do regularly inundate the area), and COVID-19 has kept us off until it cools. We’ve put 16K+ miles on our rig all over the country — Lake George, New York, and other northern spots this coming month .

Meet four readers from last week’s issue.

We’ll introduce you to four more readers next week!

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William Robbins
2 years ago

For Patrick Granahan. I have a 2019 Forest River Sunseeker 2420 MS (27′ 4″) that I am planning to sell. Garage kept, 7000 miles, full body paint. If interested call me for more details at 252-xxx-xxxx and leave message with your phone number. I’ll call you back. I’m in north east NC.
[Phone number removed by Diane. I’ve emailed Bill’s message to Patrick.] [And no, we’re not going into business as an RV broker. 😉 —Diane at]

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