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Time to replace those RV cabinet carpets! Do it for under $15


By Kate Doherty
Recently, we decided to replace the carpet under our RV’s kitchen sink. Over the years it had become stained and discolored. It wasn’t looking good any longer. Originally, we were thinking indoor/outdoor carpet for the cabinet, but nothing jumped out saying “Buy me!” Disappointed, we abandoned that thought for another time.

A couple of days later while walking through Costco, my intuitive spouse stopped and picked up an oversize rubber-backed woven doormat, saying, “Honey, what do you think of this? This would work.”

Yup! He was right. We liked this doormat because of the rubber backing. So, we pulled out the old kitchen cabinet carpet, used it as the pattern to trace and cut from with heavy-duty scissors, and laid it in place. It fit perfectly! There was no need to glue it down as the rubber was not slippery. These doormats would work well as RV cabinet carpets in any storage area.

I replaced our liquid soap tube that feeds the in-counter pump dispenser and repacked our cleaning supplies, countertop sink cover and step stool. Soup to nuts, this project took us less than one hour and cost $14.99. The labor was free!

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Dave J
1 year ago

As to changing the carpet in our “living room” the problem that I see would be getting to the areas under the slideouts and under the cabinets and desk in the “office” slide.

1 year ago

Very nice job, it’s always rewarding to me to see pride in the work/finish of people doing a project. Thanks for sharing

1 year ago

Very nice.

John Wilkins
1 year ago

We found that this item worked well for us, especially under kitchen and bathroom cabinets.
Gorilla Grip LinerEasily to cut to fit your size, and comes in various colors and sizes. It has a non slip bottom but is not sticky.