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Alaska 2023 RV and Camping Guide essential for Alaska travelers

If you are planning an Alaska RV trip for this spring or summer, you may find that gathering the information necessary for trip planning and selection of stops and campgrounds can be a bit daunting. That’s why having a copy of the Alaska 2023 RV & Camping Guide is essential.

Alaska 2023 RV & Camping Guide

The guide is published by the Alaska Campground Owner’s Association (ACOA) and updated annually. Included in it is information about RV parks, campgrounds, restaurants, and what to see and do while visiting the Last Frontier.

The guide is easy to use, and I like the way the information is presented in a “Z-fold” pocket atlas type of format on heavy paper like a map. In fact I keep mine in the map case for ease of finding and access. The information is presented in a clear manner, describing RV parks and campgrounds and detailed descriptions of important information such as availability of hookups, dump stations, and laundry facilities. The guide also includes a list of services and amenities such as fuel stations, grocery stores, and medical facilities. In short, it takes the guesswork out of finding what you need in a place that can be challenging.

The compact, handy, must-have Alaska 2023 RV & Camping Guide

A great feature of the Alaska Guide is a section on scenic drives. It shows detailed descriptions of some of the most beautiful routes in Alaska, complete with recommendations for stopping points along the way.

Overall, the Alaska 2023 RV & Camping Guide is an excellent resource for anyone who is planning an RV trip to Alaska. It is densely illustrated and provides a wealth of information that is essential for a successful and enjoyable trip. Whether you are a seasoned Alaska traveler or a first-timer, this guide is a must-have for anyone who wants to RV travel in Alaska.



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Lee Ann
1 month ago

I would like to read a more detailed article about rving in Alaska. This is on our trip list as fulltimers. Talking with folks who have made the trip we receive lots of mixed information. For instance, we have a 36 ft. fifth wheel towed by a F350 dually diesel. Some folks tell us to rent/purchase a small trailer or class C for the trip and others tell us we can do it with what we have. We are told various “windows” of opportunity for the trip. Then there’s the list of “must sees” that grows longer with each discussion.

Steve H
1 month ago

Personally, I will take the annually revised “The Milepost” over any other reference for an RV trip to Alaska. It has each potential route to and from Alaska not only mapped out, but has each route described by miles to and from a starting point. More detail than many travelers need, except when they really need it. Like the distance to the next gas station.

1 month ago
Reply to  Steve H

We have been to Alaska twice with our RV and we didn’t like the Milepost at all. We used Alaska camping by Church and Church.

1 month ago
Reply to  Steve H

I agree with you, Steve. We are taking our 8th trip – 6th by road – to Alaska this summer. We use a variety of resources, but The Milepost is at the top of the list. I have journaled each trip, so that helps, too, in returning to (or avoiding) previous places to see, do, stay, and eat. Kenny, we also use the Church’s camping guide.

1 month ago
Reply to  Steve H

Agree. We have used the ‘Milepost’ for trips in and out, as well as when living in Anchorage for several years.

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