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Roadside Journal, Nov. 8, 2016




Walking Dead
Halloween zombies in Central Point, Oregon field.

building-smBuilding on a building
In the photo above, the double doors are real. The rest is painted, as you see in the photo to the right. The building is downtown Grants Pass, Oregon. The building is mostly an office complex these days, but the 3-D mural recreates the old Hotel Josephine built on the site in 1893 but later torn down. John Michener painted the mural on an addition to the old building built in 1925. One of the most interesting things about the Josephine Hotel was a large banquet room designed to resemble a cavern in the Oregon Caves.

Purple-haired woman

purple-hair-768I found this woman in an Ashland, Oregon store window. She is not real of course. But I liked her hair. As I always do when studying mannequins, I wonder if a real person modeled for this fake one. If you have ever modeled for a mannequin or know someone who has, please drop me a line and tell me about it.

Once, a long time ago — maybe 25 years — I came upon an old slot machine in Virginia City, Nevada that looked like Marilyn Monroe. The head and revealing upper torso was attached to the actual slot machine below, which took nickels. It was definitely supposed to be Marilyn Monroe. It didn’t say it was her, but that’s who it was.

news-768Too much for a newspaper

It costs $1.50 for a weekday edition of the Medford newspaper, and $2.50 on a weekend. That’s way too much.

I love newspapers. I miss reading them very badly. I subscribed to the Seattle Times when I had a home that stayed in one place all the time. But now, I’m moving all over the place in my wheeled house. My only newspaper subscription now is to the online edition of the New York Times. But, I can’t hold it in my hands so it’s not as satisfying to read.

Newspapers are in trouble around the USA, a real shame. But if editors think people will pay $1.50 for a normally skinny one (in the case of today’s Medford Mail Tribune, two sections) instead of a quarter or 50 cents. . . well, that’s ridiculous!

Oregon Trivia

•Oregon is one of only two states to prohibit self-serve gasoline. New Jersey is the other.

•An extinct cinder cone volcano sits right in the middle of Bend, Oregon. Called Pilot Butte, it rises 511 feet above the surrounding area and makes Bend one of only two U.S. cities with an extinct volcano. Portland is the other.

Mills End Park. Photo: Creative Commons by atul666

•Mill Ends Park in downtown Portland is the smallest park in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records. The park is a circle two feet across.

•The world’s oldest shoes, 9,000-year-old sandals made of sagebrush and bark, were found at Fort Rock Cave in central Oregon in 1938.

•Boo Boo Lake in Lane County has nothing to do with Yogi Bear’s buddy Boo Boo. The lake was once stocked accidentally with trout, thus creating a “boo boo” that resulted in the name. More Oregon Trivia

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6 years ago

I miss having a news paper to hold and thumb through every day. I stopped mine about a year ago. Occasionally I get a Sunday paper here in Dallas but the price has gone to $3.00. Sometimes I go to the library to look at the paper if there is something particularly interesting I’m aware of.

John & Patty
6 years ago

Happy to hear you are doing well in 32′. We have a 35′ 5er and are ‘any timers’. We need the 3000 sq ft at times to feel grounded even though or because we spend so much time away. Possibly spending short periods in 1 place helps. We generally spend only 1 – 2 weeks in 1 place before moving on to explore another, with the exception of 2 months in FL. That 2 months is fantastic but then we are looking for another area to explore. Have fun!

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