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A robot offers advice to RVers

By Chuck Woodbury
The article directly below was created in about 20 seconds using Artificial Intelligence (AI). I have not changed a word or even a single comma. Anyone with access to an AI website (there are perhaps a dozen now) could have “written” this and then posted it on a website or blog in a matter of a few minutes.

We have instructed, etc., to not show this article in search results. We are posting it here simply to illustrate to you what AI can do (and can’t do). In the case of the article immediately below in italics we think the results are acceptable with no significant errors. We welcome your thoughts, of course.

Here it is:

Is cooking in an RV harder than cooking in a regular home kitchen?

Cooking in an RV can be a bit different than cooking in a regular home kitchen, as RVs typically have smaller and more compact kitchens with fewer appliances and less counter space. This can make it a bit more challenging to prepare and cook meals, especially if you’re used to cooking in a larger and more well-equipped kitchen.

However, many RVs are now equipped with modern kitchens that include a range of features and appliances, such as a stove, oven, microwave, and refrigerator, which can make cooking in an RV similar to cooking in a home kitchen. RV kitchens are also often designed to be very functional and efficient, with features such as pull-out countertops and fold-down tables that can provide extra space for food preparation.

That being said, cooking in an RV can still be a bit more challenging than cooking in a home kitchen, especially if you’re planning to do a lot of cooking or if you’re not used to working in a smaller space. You’ll need to be more organized and mindful of the space you have, and you may need to get creative with how you store and use your kitchen appliances and tools.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that cooking in an RV can also be affected by the weather, since you’ll be cooking in a small and enclosed space, with no proper ventilation. So it’s important to be aware of the weather and plan your meals accordingly, to avoid overheating and stuffiness.

Overall, cooking in an RV can be a bit different than cooking in a home kitchen, but with a bit of planning and creativity, it can be a fun and enjoyable experience.

Now, here is another shorter article, also created with AI It was “written” in about 10 seconds. Again, I did not change a word. In my opinion the advice is ridiculous.

I asked:

Can I buy an RV with a garbage disposal in the kitchen sink?

Here what the AI spit out:

Yes, you can buy an RV with a garbage disposal in the kitchen sink. Many RVs are equipped with modern kitchens that include a range of features and appliances, including garbage disposals. Garbage disposals can be convenient for quickly and easily disposing of food waste, but it’s worth noting that they do require a power source and may not be suitable for all RV setups. When shopping for an RV, you can look for models that include a garbage disposal or consider installing one yourself if you wish to have this feature.

In case you are unaware, RVs never come equipped with garbage disposals. Imagine the “stink” of all that food rotting in your gray water holding tank.

So what do you think about these articles? Are you impressed with AI? Or does it scare you that so many articles are being written this way (some accurate, some wrong)?

P.S. Imagine the problems college professors are having with students writing term papers using artificial intelligence. I will tell you: they are having a huge problem!

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Butch Allison
8 days ago

I started noticing something “ off ” about online articles a few years ago. Something just didn’t feel right. I realized that they were full of fluff. Sort of like a high school student padding an essay to reach 2000 words. Pages full of Internet ads interspersed with nothing content. Now that I’ve learned about AI writing, it all comes together.
Makes it even harder to separate the wheat from the chaff.
Thanks for the heads up.

Mitzi Agnew Giles and Ed Giles
8 days ago

As my DH pointed out it IS very possible to have a garbage disposal in your RV- you put the just purchased disposal in your RV and drive it home to install in your stick built house

Jan Meacham
8 days ago

I’m outraged over reading this. I don’t subscribe and read articles to obtain incorrect information. Artificial created content should not be allowed for the simple reason that a computer cannot think like a human. This should be stopped now. If there is anything that I can do to help end this awful thing, please let me know. I’ll be happy to help.
Also, thank you for pointing this out and for doing the job you do. Your site is greatly admired for it’s truthful content. And I am a full time RV’er.

Thanks Again,

Jan Meacham

9 days ago

You know — I think the biggest problem is ethics. Soooo many people lack ethics and I suspect they don’t even really know what the word means. If they did — they wouldn’t want to cheat with AI and they would be proud to write an article on their own. Honesty is long gone as a desired attribute. So sad. I grew up with the Lone Ranger — Gene Autry — Jack Armstrong etc. etc. Now you know how old I am and VERY PROUD to not belong to the “younger generation”.

Glenda Alexander
9 days ago

As you say, the first article is acceptable but it doesn’t really say anything that most of us RVers don’t already know. The second one is useless because it doesn’t take into account the smell, power requirements, etc. It might fool newbies, though. I agree with Wolfe.

9 days ago

My opinion, as both programmer BS and double English BA including Creative Writing, is that the AI writes better than most people I encounter in the wild. As a programmer, they need a differencing/redundancy engine to prevent so much repetition of the original question, which makes it so obvious to me when reading an AI-created article.

For the second “erroneous” article, I think it’s true FEW RVs come with garbage disposals, but some luxury ones do. Yes, you COULD install one if you really insisted. The error there is that VERY few do, and it’s still ill-advised to own a garbage disposal… anywhere. Plumbers love disposals like Dentists love candy and popcorn.

Mitzi Agnew Giles and Ed Giles
8 days ago
Reply to  Wolfe

WOW! Very good response! As a BA English myself (1985) & AD Nursing (1979) & held a job myself as a technical writer, where they basically pointed me at a computer muself and said Teach yourself- I am very much enjoying your response.

Primo Rudy's Roadhouse
9 days ago

These two articles seem to mimic so many of the on-line articles I read. Little on accuracy and heavy on maybe’s. It’ getting hard to give faith in any article I read.

Ellen L
9 days ago

They sound just like a student essay where the student has no idea what they are talking about and simply restate the question or subject in a different manner.

Donald N Wright
9 days ago

Very interesting. This explains politicians and some online newsletters.

Neal Davis
9 days ago

Amazing! Although tbe first article WAS accurate, it did take a lot of words to essentially say, “Yes, so long as you can deal with less room.” Unfortunately, the second article could seem accurate to the naive. Yikes! I cannot imagine how I could/would deal with students using AI if I were still teaching. I suspect the incorporation of so much remote learning with students “attending” class via computer and internet only worsens the problem for teachers. “Progress” certainly cuts both ways, doesn’t it? =:-O

Glenda Alexander
9 days ago
Reply to  Neal Davis

Long before AI, there were people who were masters at using bafflegab. I’ve been irritated often by those who talk long without actually imparting any information. It reminds me of asking someone what time it is and s/he responds by talking about the history of the sundial.

Diane McGovern
9 days ago

Thanks, Glenda. I love the term “bafflegab.” I’ve never heard of it before. Have a great day! 😀 –Diane at

Gary L. Willey
9 days ago

Please bring back the articles where we could ask AI questions and he (it, whatever) would give the answer,

James Fellows
9 days ago

After reading this article I now understand why some of the stories on the evening news sound so ridiculous. It may not be what is happening but some of their reporting sure is questionable. I just have to shake my head and laugh or turn the tv off.

Bob p
9 days ago

AI can be a useful tool, BUT, that’s all it is. It is a TOOL, a mechanic uses tools but he knows the tool cannot function without the mechanic. I believe when people try to use AI to replace the human in the equation that’s where the problem arises. I have several tools(AI) in my car, lane keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, etc. that help with safe driving. However I would never trust AI to totally take control of driving the car, no computer can completely compete with the human brain. There are far to many “what if” questions that arise that a programmer may not of thought of while programming the AI. AI is still a super computer that supposedly acts like a brain, but not quite. It recently came out that the course Teslas test car ran was preprogrammed before the test was published. As was stated AI cannot replace the brain!

9 days ago
Reply to  Bob p

In fairness to Tesla, it depends HOW pre-programmed… did they enter a destination like most GPSes, or specifically map and photograph every oddball quirk of the route?

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