Wednesday, September 28, 2022


Something I bet you never thought of…

By Chuck Woodbury
If you want to do your kids or grandkids a big favor, save things like this about the times in which we’re living. This is the cover of a 12-page flyer from my local school district. It’s apparent what makes this different from anything similar I might have received even six months ago.


If you want a new hobby and do a favor to your children and grandchildren at the same time, save anything like this you come across. One day things like this will be collectibles, worth money. Today’s teenagers will show things like to their children and then grandchildren and tell tales about the big Pandemic back when they were young. And if one day they decide they need some cash, they’ll find someone who will buy something like this — a piece of history, rarer with each passing year.

And take photos of anything that’s related to the Pandemic like the one below I snapped recently near Barstow, California, about three weeks ago. You can sell it to a stock photo agency someday. Your smartphone camera will do just fine.

If I were out roaming around the country now, and a little younger and concerned about my financial future, I’d take photos of everything I could find that reflected our current times.


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2 years ago

I agree with Cindy. The lady and I got hooked on the Olympic lapel pin rage a years ago, and got really stung. Thinking I’d make a kill by buying 1 of 500 special series international pins in a beautiful glassed frame. I bought TWO.
Years later I went to flog these things so I could retire (LOL) and lo and behold found the clever devils who marketed these gems created not just a Series 1 but a series 2 , 3 ,4 ……..
Net loser me. I think the same with artifacts collected today, with the attention span of a flea I don’t think kids yet to be born will care, in fact I’ll bet the pin set I could never sell (sold one) on it.

2 years ago

So many people will be doing it that you won’t get a penny for anything.

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