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Tell us about your rudest campground neighbors!

We want to know about your rudest campground neighbors!

Tell us about the rudest neighbors you ever had in a commercial campground and/or what behavior by inconsiderate neighbors in campgrounds drives you crazy. It might be bright lights late at night, laundry left sitting in the machines, barking dogs, loud music, or whatever.

We’re giving you the chance to rant about the rudest neighbors you ever had while RVing at a commercial campground and what made them so bad.

Commercial campgrounds are an investment these days. Sure they have lots of amenities, but you are also paying for those luxuries. So what could be more annoying, or should I say more infuriating, than having your trip disrupted or ruined by rude or inconsiderate neighbors?

When submitting an answer to this question please keep these points in mind:

  • Commercial campgrounds only this time please (we’ll cover public campgrounds and boondocking in future questions).
  • No names. We don’t want to publicly out anyone—just the stories, please. Feel free to change the names.
  • Try to keep answers as short as possible (less than 100 words is ideal, but if your rant is long, that’s okay, too).

We’ll do a follow-up article with a compilation of the results of the common annoying campground neighbor traits as well as post a collection of some of the more compelling comments.*

Let ‘er rip!

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.

(*Comments might be edited for grammar and brevity.)



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Bob M
3 months ago

I’ve been lucky, haven’t had a bad campground neighbors yet.

3 months ago

I haven’t met a neighbor that made me want to move. But I have had encounters with unleashed dogs that were very frightening. Just a few weeks ago I was charged and knocked down by a large Akita. The owner was right there and took charge of her dog… she had difficulty controlling him because of his size and strength.

3 months ago

Only one problem in all our years. Arrived at our assigned remote area of the park and there were six sizable dogs running loose and around our RV. We did not even want to get out of the RV. The campground reassigned us to an upgraded part of the park at no additional cost to us. We really did not meet the neighbors, and surely did not want to. We have found other neighbors, good or bad, really no different than neighbors in our stix n bricks neighborhood.

3 months ago

A lady strolled up to us and inquired what we thought of our brand RV. At were at a casino operated RV park. The chat lasted about 15 minutes by which point, we began feeling less than comfortable. We apologized, told her we’re leaving to meet friends and locked up. About an hour later, this same lady shows up at our table in the casino buffet restaurant. She sat down with us like she is an old friend reuniting after many years apart. She knew our names. Turns out, she convinced the buffet greeter that she came late to our party and was admitted, at our expense, to the buffet line. After gorging, the lady departed. We didn’t know her tab was added to our bill.

3 months ago

Never have I ever met a rude campground neighbor, I adapt or move… haven’t moved yet💥.

3 months ago

All an RV park needs is one person to destroy a good trip. From barking dogs, loud music, drunken parties … the list goes on. We try to focus on the good people we meet and have learned the peace gained through wearing silicone ear plugs when things get out of control.

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