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Great RV Accessories Newsletter – Issue 2

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Like Rip Van Winkle, the reawakening of the Great RV Accessories Newsletter has met with much acclaim by you. I’m reasonably sure Rip was happy to reawaken and, it seems, you’re happy to find this email in your inbox, as well. 

I’ve decided that I’m going to start with a major focus but lots of stuff has been rolling in, so let’s get right to it.

In most cases, the products we review will be available in many stores. We will most often provide a link to Amazon. We receive a small commission from such sales, but you pay the same as you would otherwise. So take your pick!

EDITED BY Tony Barthel

Reading RV Travel on the road

I believe there are a whole lot of us RVers who are just itching to get our hands on Starlink, Elon Musk’s low-orbit satellite-based Internet service. While some have surreptitiously done so, it’s still just a dream for most of us.

In the interim, there are a number of ways to get connected. Cellular data is chief among those forms of connectivity.

Nanci Dixon tested a couple of items including the WiFiRanger’s Converge Everest product. She travels full-time with her husband and is a good person to test these kinds of things on the road.

Nanci also has some great Tips for WiFi and Cell Data on the road. If you’re hitting the road and want to learn how to keep reading everything on RVTravel.com, these two are good tools to have in your arsenal.

Another way to stay connected is with the FMCA’s Tech Connect program. I did an unboxing video of the new FMCA Tech Connect program, which you can see below.

There are a number of ways to increase the quality of the signal you’re getting to your RV. One of those is what I use, which is the WeBoost Drive 4G-X cell signal booster. This can take a cell signal and increase it so it may go from lousy to usable, depending on a number of facts – which I outline in the story.

Kate Doherty also has a device that has helped her stay connected on the road. This new WiFi technology improved their RV travels!

Getting there is 21% of the fun

If you’ve been stranded by the various little gremlins that live in our phones or taken down a path that caused you to say the words your mom told you not to, perhaps it’s time to step up and get a good RV navigation solution. But what solution is the solution? Nanci Dixon has a story about RV-specific trip planning solutions and which she likes the best.

RV Products – Stuff Worth Knowing About

The weather stinks but you still want to camp

couple on soccer field - rvtravelIf you’re one of the hearty souls that goes RVing no matter what the weather throws at you, perhaps one of these weather pods is something you might like. Kate Dougherty has the story on this nifty gadget here.

Hanging cats? (What?)

Our resident feline expert, Karel Carnohan, DVM, actually travels with quite a few of the critters and she has a nifty gadget that they enjoy on the road. You can read more about hanging cats here.

Gas problems

We’re all likely feeling the pinch with fuel prices and potentially seeking a way to stop mortgaging our assets just for a fill. So Russ De Maris looked at a gadget that, in theory, will help you save fuel. Does it?

Stovetop RV oven

For those who enjoy baking or roasting but don’t have an oven, here’s a little stovetop gadget that fits on your propane stove, a single burner or potentially even over a campfire and will allow you to bake and roast like a champ! Check it out.

Essential for every RV kitchen
There is no doubt about it. When handling hot foods, at home or on the road, two kitchen items are essential: an oven mitt and a potholder. Well, this is your lucky day. For what amounts to spare change, you can have both, and … Wow! Are these perfect for RVers. Learn more or order. Click

Other stuff we’re liking

Quality water hose worth the price

We’ve found a water hose that’s not inexpensive but seems to offer some of the best quality we’ve seen. If you’re tired of replacing hoses on a regular basis, this high-quality RV water hose might be for you.

The hole story

Little spaces and holes are the perfect entry point for unwanted critters in your RV, but fulltimer Nanci Dixon has this story on how to use spray foam to seal your RV better.


The coolest bottle-opener for RVers. It’s a fridge magnet too! 

Starlink Cat-tastrophe

I’ve mentioned being excited about Starlink, Elon Musk’s low-orbit satellite-based Internet service. But it would seem that some users are having problems with the service, as reported in a story by Mike Gast.

In fact, it could be described as a cat-tastrophe.

Ever wish you brought your blender?

I recently had a bit of an epiphany when I visited the local farm store and discovered that a blender base screws right onto a Mason-style jar. So, I got my electric drill and…

The Book Nook

You have spoken and, in a survey, we have the results of what books you might recommend to someone in the next campsite over.

  • Your favorite books – part one.
  • Your favorite books – part two.
  • Marc and Julie Bennett from RVLove have a popular book called RV Hacks that’s worth having on your bookshelf.
  • Author Nick Russell has written several guide books and is an RVer himself. His mysteries find their way onto the New York Times bestseller lists, including the newest one. But these are all books I love.
  • Karen Musser Nortman is also an RVer and has two series of books around RVing. These fun reads are definitely worth picking up.

It came in the mail

This Stone+Lain dishware set was sent to us, and boy, oh, boy, do we love it! If you’re in the market for new dishware, check it out. We didn’t think we needed new plates, bowls or mugs until we received this. Now it’s all we use! It comes in a 4- or 8-person set.

Other gadget ideas

VIEW CAMPSITES just like you were driving through the campground. See one you really like? Learn instantly if it’s available and reserve it on the spot at Campground Views.

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  1. It is now known just as FMCA drop the “motorcoach” from it. It is open and welcoming to ALL RV TYPES. And there are lots of benefits and discounts available. I’ve had this wifi for over 3 years and it has worked across the country. The new 5g device lets me see how much data I use and in the two months I was on the road last summer I used over 950gb PER month. If I needed to I could reset it back to 0 and use more data after reaching the devices 1000gb limit. I could put it on vacation while at home but I leave it active and if my internet goes out I switch over to it.

    • You are absolutely correct – the FMCA now accepts all formats of RVs. There are so many great benefits to being an FMCA member (I am of course) including a program to safely get you home if there is an emergency out there, a terrific tire discount program and more.

      That is a LOT of data you’re using and it’s impressive that you’re able to do so. Thank you for weighing in, Vanessa.

  2. Don’t use a mason jar with your blender base. Especially with ice cubes. The jar is not designed to withstand the stress of the strikes by the ice cubes and can shatter. Don’t ever hold it anywhere near your face, if you are determined to give this a try (as in the video).

    We have small jars to use with our blender base, but they were provided by the blender manufacturer and are a very hard plastic, designed not to shatter.

    • Interesting. Well, shoot, I hadn’t thought about breaking the jar but I guess this is a legitimate safety concern. Thanks Tom!


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