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Great RV Accessories Newsletter – Issue 9

rv travel logoIf you think we’ve been lying down on the job – this time you’re absolutely right. Well, sort of…

Welcome to Issue 9 of the Great RV Accessories Newsletter and thank you for joining us on this portion of the adventure. Our featured story this month did require me to sleep on the job. And who’s better qualified for that job description?

There are also some nifty gadgets that are rolling in from all over. So let’s grab a cup of coffee and see what’s new this month.

EDITED BY Tony Barthel

Lying down on the job to get a good feel for the GhostBed

GhostBed: A big, comfy upgrade from our old RV mattress

Having mentioned that I was asleep at the switch, I figured that the best way to test out the GhostBed® is to get some shut-eye. GhostBed® is a company that makes mattresses including for RVs. Since we have a new RV, this is the perfect time to see if I can upgrade my sleep situation. Oh, and upgrade I did…

Read Tony’s review

Sunthing for everyone…

More power to ya’

Electricity expert Mike Sokol and I talk on the phone. A lot. So when Jackery reached out and offered me a Jackery 2000, their newest and most powerful “solar generator,” I deferred to Mike, who already had one. What’s bigger and better about this? Well, Just Ask Mike.

Jackery 2000 Review

Well, hot diggity dog…

How would you test a portable solar power station? You could choose the demure path, or just hot dog it. Well, the latter is the route chosen by Mike in the form of a wiener cooker from the past, which he powered with a Southwire Elite 1100 Series™ Portable Power Station.

Portable solar power stations

An impressive amount of power

Nanci Dixon, too, is on the portable power station/solar generator team and also has a Southwire Elite 1100 Series™ Portable Power Station. She tested just about everything in her RV with it, so what’s her take on it? Well, you’ll just have to find out by clicking that big blue button right below this!

Nanci’s portable power station

Let the sun do the work

In some ways, Mike’s letting the sun do his cooking through a portable power station, but Karel Carnohan, DVM, has a better idea. What if the sun did (almost) all the work? That’s just what she looked into with this portable sun-powered cooking appliance. This thing is cool.

Cooking with the sun

Wheel-y important stuff here

Check your tire pressure

We have all heard the unflattering name for the tires that come with many travel trailers and fifth wheels. These “Maypop” tires (that’s not the unkind term but it fits) are made worse by campers not checking their tire air pressure. So I was thrilled with the tire pressure monitoring system that came with my new RV.

Pumped about tire pressure monitors

Camping on the level

Speaking of tires, here’s something that you can put under your tires that will help you level your RV. I bought these Camco leveling wedges for our new trailer but, well, the story wasn’t all good. What happened?

Camping on the level

Bike talk

Love at first bike

It seems that more and more RVers are getting electric bikes. Nanci Dixon got hers a while back and shared updates on it, including if she still likes it.  If you’re planning on getting an eBike, maybe this one is for you.

RV electric bike update

Accessible and inclusive

Since we’re talking bicycles, let’s add a wheel so we can highlight the creativity of one Australian RVer who built a three-wheeled bike so his physically challenged wife could join him on the ride.

Three-wheeled bicycle

Generators—They’re not dead yet

Honda still sells a boatload of generators to us Americans and, despite all the noise about portable power stations, they still have something they want us to see. So this report about their newest EU-series portable generators has been a popular read.

Honda EU generators

This month’s RV video

As much fun as I had writing the review of the GhostBed, well, I had fun creating this video as well. This will prove I really am sleeping on the job!

The Book Nook

I got to speak with author Michael Boyink whose book, “Driven to Wonder,” is a compendium of 126 stories from his eight years on the road with two children. From starting the adventure to hitting the end goal, the book is a fun collection of stories that I’ve been enjoying quite a bit.

It came in the mail

Lippert has been rapidly expanding its product line. The giant RV industry supplier just introduced a new line of soft-sided portable coolers. I don’t have a review up, but here’s the link to learn more details about them.

Lippert soft-sided coolers


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