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RV boo-boos: Hit-and-run bends Blue Ox


Imagine pulling up to a stoplight in your motorhome and patiently waiting for the green light. Before the light changes, some clown plows into the rear of your coach, mangling your Blue Ox tow bar.

Reader Howard S. says it happened to a family he was on a tour with. The Class A owners were waiting at a stop light on a street with a 45 mile-per-hour speed limit. Apparently the young driver of a minivan on the same street wasn’t paying close enough attention to what was happening up ahead. You can only imagine the noise of his little van smacking into the rear of the greater mass of the Class A.

Blue Ox
Top: After the hit. Bottom: What it SHOULD look like. Bottom image, edited screen grab from RV Blogger on By permission.

While there was apparently little damage to the motorhome, short of the bent Blue Ox, the minivan didn’t fare so well. That old Ox gored the daylights of the mini’s radiator, and antifreeze cascaded onto the pavement. Perhaps there was some damage to the driver’s common sense as well. Before law enforcement could arrive, the driver shoved it in gear and tried to flee the scene. “Don’t think he got very far,” observes Howard.

If you’ve seen, witnessed, or had your own “RV boo-boo” moment and have a photo to share with others, let us know. Fill out the form below, and put “boo-boo” on the subject line. Be sure to link your photo with the attachment tool on the form.

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