Monday, September 26, 2022


RV boo-boos: Roll-over trailer disintegrates! – Video

It’s enough to ruin your whole day! Somebody loses control and ends up with a roll-over that clearly messes up their trailer. Happily, they kept the truck upright and it looks like they lived to tell the tale.

If you’ve witnessed, or had your own “RV boo-boo” moment and have a photo to share with others, let us know. Fill out the form below, and put “boo-boo” on the subject line. Be sure to link your photo with the attachment tool on the form. We’ll “roll-over” and wag our tail!

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3 months ago

Aluminum chassis? More bendable than steel. Then set a cheap wood box set on top. What else would one expect?

Thomas D
3 months ago

Maybe should have used longer screws. It literally fell apart before it hit the ground.
Consider a Hensley Arrow next time. Ive seen their video where they deliberately tried to make trailer sway. Could not.
Always go for the lowest price. It s fun to watch the outcome!

captain gort
3 months ago

Methinks too many toys in the back of that toy hauler!

3 months ago

This is why whenever I use wood in a trailer, I try to use bolts to hold things together, including the floors for cheap and small utility trailers. I usually use a minimum of grade 8 – 1/4″ coarse bolts with a washer under the bolt and nyl-nut. Inside a van things are bolted to the side members., floors, or the frame itself. For very light things, such as brackets, a pop rivet backed by a #6 washer will do. I will weld brackets to a frame I made myself, but, not a vehicle body because the skin is too weak.

That trailer never should have come apart like that before it even hit the ground. I guess this is part of the reason you are not allowed to travel in towed trailers.

Not to mention too much trailer for such a small truck. If you lose control of a trailer, heading towards the rumble strip is probably a bad idea …

At least the passenger vehicle did not flip, so the only thing hurt was the wallet.

3 months ago

No way around it. That’s a “disaster”.

Tony Stekar
3 months ago

I learned early that an equalizer hitch is a must!

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