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12 easy RV cleaning tricks with everyday products

There are many ways to clean an RV and many products to do so. Here are 12 easy cleaning tips with everyday household products that you probably already have on hand.

Unfog the headlights

Are your car’s or RV’s headlights foggy? There are labor-intensive kits that requiring sanding and polishing in several steps, but try these two easy ideas first:

  • Using paste toothpaste, rub the surface and wipe off all that grime!
  • Bug spray or light oil on the lenses can make them temporarily clear again. Before trying the bug spray, sample on a small area to make sure it will not pit the lenses or be too strong.

Remove bumper stickers or those sticky state/county park decals

  • Try WD-40. Spray on the sticker, let it soak in, and peel off.
  • Goof Off also loosens the stickers and makes them easier to remove.

Squeegee off pet hair

  • Spray fabric or carpet lightly with water and then run a squeegee over it. The pet hair lifts off easily.

Clean the dashboard

  • Are towels just spreading lint and dust around? Use a coffee filter!
  • Try a small amount of olive oil for a lasting shine.

Dust the vents

  • Use a foam paintbrush or regular paintbrush to dust the vents.

Dry the windows

  • To avoid streaking, use the tried and true method of wiping dry with newspaper after spraying with your favorite solution. It worked 50 years ago and it still works now!

Banish carpet and upholstery stains

  • Fill a spray bottle with 1/3 hydrogen peroxide and 2/3 water. Spray the stain and wait 30 minutes. Wipe it right off!

Get rid of tile floor scuff marks

  • Lightly rub scuff marks on tile floors with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. This is particularly good where slides may have rubbed.

Stifle the smell

  • To rid the upholstery and carpet of lingering smells, try a fine dusting of baking soda, leave for a few hours and vacuum up.

Test all of these suggestions in a small area first for durability and colorfastness before doing a large area.


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1 year ago

Olive oil and Armorall only leave an oily film on the dash which attracts even more dust. I use Aerospace 303. Apply it, wait a few minutes and wipe. Nice low gloss shine and no oily residue.
Another way to remove scuff marks is scrub them with a tennis ball.
The dullness on the headlights is a UV reaction with the coating on the plastic. Toothpaste is only a temporary fix and in time will make it worse.

1 year ago

non stick cooking spray will also take off bumper stickers and those annoying stickers dealers like to put on your rv.

1 year ago

Forget the newspaper. Use a simple vinegar and water solution in a spray bottle for the easiest streak free glass cleaner ever.

Stan W
1 year ago

Newspapers on windows is a Myth, My wife has tried it numerous times over the last 40 years. All it did was put scratches on the window surface.

1 year ago

I never had much luck with using newspapers when drying off windows.
And hydrogen peroxide might be okay with white carpets, but I’d worry it would bleach anything else.

Wanda Henning
1 year ago

I have a couple problems with the suggestions. First “Goof Off” it will destroy paint and will destroy many other surfaces as well. I use “Goo Gone” it is safer on all surfaces. Olive oil on the dash will shine, but over time it will schellack. Armor all isn’t much better, it will damage the material over time also. I simply use a damp cloth, then dry. It is best to cover your dash. I made a cover on a regular sewing machine by making a template with foil of individual sections, used heavy duty fabric then pieced them all together. You can buy them also, but mine was a small fraction of what I could have bought one for.

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