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New RV Consumer Support column – We need YOUR help


By Russ and Tiña De Maris
We’ve spent months learning of, researching, and looking for answers to a big problem: motorhomes and pickup trucks sidelined by a lack of parts to replace bad Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) sensors. While it was a lot of hard work, the results have been gratifying. Thanks to the efforts of our readers and to the work of thoughtful tech-oriented RVers, some of you are no longer stranded. You’ve taken “the bull by the horns” and constructed your own DEF simulator system. Crowds of you wrote to engine manufacturers and the EPA to demand relief. It looks like they’ll be getting out a software patch to help. You’ve all been on the front lines of RV consumer support, and we salute you.

Dave’s two bits – a call to action

Last weekend, a thoughtful RVtravel.com reader put in his two bits. Dave O. wrote, “Thank you for your honest reporting! Hard to find these days. By stirring up some controversy, hopefully that helps get things moving in a better quality direction.” But Dave O. didn’t stop with the thanks – for which we are appreciative.

“I’d recommend pushing that quality message even further. Don’t let it be a one article hit. Make it a weekly or monthly series on RV quality concerns. Is it improving? Keep the manufacturers accountable. Let the readers contribute notes about their experience; quotes from workers in the field.” [Editor’s note: We’ve very slightly edited Dave’s copy for publication.]

RV quality needs to be at the forefront

Dave, you’re so spot-on. RV quality needs to be kept to the forefront. As Mike Gast pointed out in a recent piece, even RV dealers are affronted by the quality of units that manufacturers are shipping out to be sold. Maybe we should amend that to say, “units that manufacturers are shipping out to be turned back in for multiple repairs.”

In any event, Dave’s suggestion struck a chord with staff. We’re now announcing a new weekly RV Consumer Support column. We’ll ask what problems you’ve been having with your RV or RV products. We’ll publish some of your experiences, we’ll be contacting some for follow-up. When we see a particular problem come up again and again, we’ll call industry on it. We’ll keep it before industry, consumers and, where appropriate, before government.

Here’s how you can help

howardlake on flickr.com

We can’t promise we’ll be able to fix everything – but we’ll do what we can to help make your voices heard. But as we said, we need your help. Each week we’ll put a response box at the bottom of the page. Simply fill in your email contact information and tell us what’s going on in your world. And, as always, we won’t be selling or otherwise releasing your contact information. It’s between you and us. RVtravel.com’s RV Consumer Support – With all of us working together, we can make a difference.

Had a problem with your RV or an RV product? Please tell us about it!

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Jesse Crouse
1 year ago

Just a thought- When dealing with your dealers service people; especially when a problem has shown up. Give them the same level of common courtesy you want for yourself. What goes around comes around. These saying’s are old, like me, because they are TRUE.
Granted I have bought 2 TT’s and 2 motorhomes from the dealer in 20 plus years , but when it hits the fan you need a friend with the special knowledge all RV’s need.
Now I am a plumbing and heating service contractor and when I get 2 calls at the same time guess who I service first. The PIA demanding and arrogant person or the courteous and loyal one. I always try to be the 2nd one and just recently my dealership saved my butt by getting me in and letting us go on our trip. They are good people so treat them like that. At least at my dealership-the trick is finding the right one.

Bob M
1 year ago

This sounds great, maybe we can all help improve the quality of RV’s and their parts/Components. We all have to stick together and be honest.

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