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RV dealer who defrauded customers gets 20 years in slammer

A Largo, Florida, RV dealer has been sentenced to 20 years for defrauding customers.

Jeremy Joshua Raney, 40, of St. Petersburg, was convicted of one count of scheming to defraud on June 8. State prosecutors accused him of taking in RVs on consignment, selling them and then keeping the money for himself, leaving buyers without a title and sellers without their money.

The business was owned by Raney’s father, but Raney was put in charge when his dad had a heart attack. The state claimed the business went downhill from there, as Raney used Consignment RV as “his own personal piggy bank.” The state presented bank transactions showing Raney spent lavishly at strip clubs, bars and restaurants. 

According to detectives, their investigation began in September 2016, when one victim reported she placed her RV on consignment contract with Consignment RV. The RV was believed to be sold and the note on the RV was to be paid off; however, the loan was never satisfied.

The customers Raney stole from didn’t see mercy fitting for him, asking the judge give him the maximum sentence, 30 years. “I want the most you can give him,” said one victim.

Raney denied the allegations, but prosecutors produced bank records that showed he paid large tabs at strip clubs, bars and restaurants. “He used these people’s life savings to fund his dream,” Prosecutor Liz Jack said in court. 

This is Raney’s fourth felony conviction. His record is extensive, including felony charges of DUI causing serious injury, resisting arrest, domestic battery, aggravated battery, false imprisonment of a domestic partner, tampering with a witness, battery of a law enforcement officer, plus dozens of misdemeanor traffic violations.



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marty chambers
4 years ago

I live near where this business is located. I am glad to see that our legal system finally caught up with this criminal and he will be removed from society for a long time. He will be an old man when he gets out and no doubt will not change his ways. 30 years would have been better.

Also note, there is still an RV consignment business at the location right now. I don’t know who is running it but I would never leave an RV with them. If you are going to sell an RV do it on your own. At least you won’t get screwed.

4 years ago
Reply to  marty chambers

Don’t need to burst your bubble, but this guy will probably be out in 5-10 years. Unless Florida has minimum sentence guidelines (like 85 percent) they will let him out due to Prison over crowding.

Tommy Molnar
4 years ago

His “rap sheet” doesn’t exactly make him a pillar of the community does it . . .

marty chambers
4 years ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

That is the problem, you never know the criminal history of the people you are dealing with. The lesson to learn is to do your homework and assume the worse.

4 years ago

Sounds like 20 years was a light sentence for this Criminal. He should never be let out!

4 years ago
Reply to  Jeff

Really Jeff? I’ve seen people on American Greed steal millions and millions of dollars and only got 8-10 years. 20 years for $150K??? Light sentence? What a joke! Good thing in 2 years Jeremy can appeal the outrageous sentencing! Let me say it again… 20 years in prison for $150K… Think long and hard about that one. First repayment check scheduled for June 2038. Good job justice system!

Alyssa V
2 years ago
Reply to  Jeff

I just wanted to say that I worked at his business as the office manager and did not ever think he would ever do this to his clients. I can honestly say that this happened after his divorce and he is a very nice man and willing to give the shirt off his back. He does deserve to be reprimanded and deal with his sentencing for which he deserves . But he has helped me over the couple years I worked with him and I cannot let people talk this bad about him. He let his divorce get to him in the wrong way and I never seen it coming until he did what he did and little by little things started to become visible what was going on. Especially once the investigation started. The first year and 6 months I was employed at the business was a fun experience that I’ll always be grateful for. I wish one day I can thank him for all he’s done for me during my young days new into the sales business.

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