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Is your RV a death trap? For some RVers, the answer could be ‘yes’

Recall notices just posted indicate a continuation of the delays of notifications to owners of RVs that are being recalled due to dangerous deadly defects. These range from fire dangers to crash accident risks of overloading because of axle and tire pressure rating errors.

The time it takes from an RV company merely investigating a potential problem to sending a notice out to the owners of that make/model/year RV is not getting shorter. Comparisons of recalls announced during the last 45 days show that it is getting longer. Meanwhile, RV owners continue to take their RVs down the highway on their way to other sights to see—completely unaware that they may be riding in a death trap.

Recalls about manufacturers’ convenience

The recalls announced just in the last few days are a good example of manufacturers caring more about handling defects in a manner that they may find convenient and profitable, regardless of the danger to consumers who are their own customers.

NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), the federal safety agency in charge of vehicle recalls, should not be taking lip service from the RV industry when it comes to notifying owners of deadly defect RVs, but it looks like it is doing exactly that. In one case, with KZ RV, owners won’t even be sent notice of their RV’s defect until 58 days after NHTSA was notified of the defect. When you look at the averages for recall investigation processing, according to what the factories are telling NHTSA, it doesn’t look any better:

Federal Recall law makes it illegal for an RV manufacturer “to sell, offer for sale, import, or introduce or deliver into interstate commerce” an RV that contains a safety defect once they have notified NHTSA about the defect. So where do you think the replacement parts go first—the ones in owners’ hands, the ones at the dealerships, or the ones sitting at the factory about to be shipped out?

And just how much does that delay getting repairs done for RV owners—who are actually driving down the highway, not knowing they are flirting with disaster—potentially cost the owners? What’s wrong with the picture? What will it take to reorder the factory priorities? Why isn’t NHTSA doing something about the extended delays in sending the defect notices to owners? And, pray tell, why isn’t RVIA or RVDA doing anything about it?

Maybe it’s because a person has to think something is wrong before one will try to figure out what to do about it.

Ron Burge is the nation’s leading expert on RV lemon law. He can be reached at



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Bob M
22 days ago

NHTSA has no power, their just like RVIA. I have a 6 month old F150 that needs new wiper motors. I called them and mentioned that it’s been a month and I haven’t gotten replacement motors and Ford don’t seem to be in a hurry to get replacement motors. Some F150’s have a wiper motor recall. Mine don’t, they said they can’t do anything. Do I want to put a complaint in. I said I most certainly do. Ford is still building F150 with wiper motors. I’ve had two break controller recalls and Ford was in no hurry to do the 4 hr update. Than I got a notice on my truck for the tailgate. Don’t have to take it in, but they gave me a 10 year and I think it’s 150,000 mile warrenty in case the tailgate opens driving down the road. Letter also said keep cargo in bed secure should it open. All safety issues.

24 days ago

Ditto to those who laid the blame at feet of RVIA and other RV manufacturer lobby groups. Safety of the purchaser is irrelevant, profit is king. Don’t you just love those “Let’s Go Rving” ads that show the family parked next to the lake, campfire blazing, kids making s’mores, idyllic isn’t it. If only I could find that location.

Max Shaver Jr
1 month ago

The RVIA and RVDA are bought and paid for by the RV Manufacturers so expecting them to do the right, if not Legal thing is like expecting a HUNGRY FOX to protect the Hen House !
I filled a report with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration In mid 2018 on cargo doors that seperated nearly detaching. Last July 2021 I received an email from the NHTSA requesting more information on our doors. I sent more pictures, and a detailed report of that happened.
Last October the NHTSAissued a Recall for the Cargo doors for 3 different models. Seems it may be the NHTSA the is partially to blame, but it’s the Manufacturers is mainly to blame for turning out a growing list of RVs with Defects, some even Life Threatening !

Dana D
1 month ago
Reply to  Max Shaver Jr

I was a senior manager in a Federal agency; retiring after 33.5 years. Although I was not in NHTSA, I believe all Federal agencies are the same in that they have poor hiring practices, e.g. fill the open vacancy at all costs or lose the position. Oh, and make sure you fill the position with a minority (not just the best qualified person). Many Federal agencies are now unionized. It was difficult before unions to terminate underperforming employees. After unionization it’s almost impossible. At the end of my career, I had saved up 30 days of Vacation time, and 6 months of sick leave. I once calculated that many of my long-time career employees only showed up for work at their desks 45% of the time due to training days, vacation days, sick days, and other short-term assignments outside their work area. Hum, I can’t understand why NHTSA is slow and not holding manufacturers accountable!

1 month ago
Reply to  Dana D

So I guess you got your job for that reason.

1 month ago

I had the propane regulator recall on my KZ 270thle. I called KZ and got a run around about which models actually were included and when the replacements would be sent to customers. KZ told me that they did not have any replacement regulators.
I then asked them if they were stopping production of new units. The answer was “we have them for units on the production line, but none to replace the defective recalled ones”. Seems all the manufacturers were buying them from their suppliers for new units only.
Even my dealer could not get them from KZ for the ones on on their lot.
KZ told me to buy the regulator myself and they would reimburse me. I did find one and sent a copy of the receipt to them. NEVER heard from them again. Multiple emails and phones calls went unanswered.

Bob p
1 month ago

It is way past time for congress to stick their noses into the RV industry like they have done on the auto industry. As many RVs that are on the roads everyday congress should intervene and “hold the RVs feet to the fire” on these sometime dangerous vehicles. It is senseless that some RVs are allowed to present hazards to the public by letting things like gas leaks to go undetected and not repaired immediately. As crowded as campgrounds are if one was to catch on fire it could easily destroy several campers nearby.

Jesse Crouse
1 month ago
Reply to  Bob p

Another reason my 06 Tiffin Phaeton, with only 1 recall fixed early on, is going NOWHERE.

Jesse Crouse
1 month ago
Reply to  Jesse Crouse

Oh, and by the way we spend $1,000.00 to $2,000.00 per year to keep it in tip top condition. Cheap insurance in my book.

1 month ago
Reply to  Bob p

They regulated the auto industry way back when we had a democratic republic. Now we have an oligarchy owned and operated by corporate interests. They could not care less about hazards to the citizenry, only impediments to profits.

20 days ago
Reply to  wanderer

I tow new units from factory’s to dealers. there is little to no quality control from factory end. It’s left up to the dealership to find all the defects and repair them at 50 dollars an hour and a mountain of paper work. I have seen to many that should have been sent back for major reasons or scraped ,but some poor sucker gets stuck with it and all the nightmares that go with it . For the amount of money one pays for these way over priced toys It’s a sin.

Ron Yanuszewski
1 month ago
Reply to  Bob p

Exactly right! The RVIA exist to make sure congress stays out of it.

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