Wednesday, November 29, 2023


You shared your RVing dream trips. Here they are – Part 1

By Russ and Tiña De Maris

Earlier we asked penned-up readers to tell us about their RV dream trip. We were deluged with dreams, and now get the chance to share some of them with you. From the simple to the sublime, you all have something on your minds. We’ll share a few dreams each week for the next bit of time and, in the end, there’ll be a moral for us.

Chasing history

Click to enlarge.

Al Hubbard dug back in his memory to the ’50s when he watched a documentary about a couple of guys and a small boat who headed out to Florida’s Dry Tortugas islands and the amazing unfinished Fort Jefferson. “Quite young at the time,” Al writes. “The story was deeply etched in my memory, and a trip to Fort Jefferson sits alongside a trip to Oak Island as the only two real items on my bucket list. I may drag the camper up to Oak Island, but ‘Fort J’ will have to be a Hampton Inn Hopper!”

Mike Boncheck also has a dream based on the past. “The first time my wife and I traveled this great country together was right after I retired in 1994,” he recalls. “We had a Dodge conversion van that I outfitted with an electrical outlet inside.” They took off, wherever the road would take them – for what must have seemed like a very short seven weeks. They want to “retrace our steps of yesteryear, but this time we do have an RV.”

Battle of Kings Mountain. Click to enlarge. NY Public Library.

With the screen name Squaredancer, one reader says her dream trip with her hubby will take them to Kings Mountain, South Carolina. “Two of [his] fifth-generation grandfathers fought there in the Revolutionary War,” she writes. “We want to find more information about them, and hoped to do so this summer.” But like too many other plans, the pandemic intervened. They’ll make short trips from park to park this year. South Carolina will wait.

We’ll share more of your dreams, next week.


Russ and Tiña De Maris
Russ and Tiña De Maris
Russ and Tiña went from childhood tent camping to RVing in the 1980s when the ground got too hard. They've been tutored in the ways of RVing (and RV repair) by a series of rigs, from truck campers, to a fifth-wheel, and several travel trailers. In addition to writing scores of articles on RVing topics, they've also taught college classes for folks new to RVing. They authored the book, RV Boondocking Basics.



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Mitzi Agnew Giles (@guest_76723)
3 years ago

My dream trip would be cross Canada and I would need 3- 4 months I believe. First going North, I still haven’t seen the Old Sow whirlpool between Maine and PEI. I haven’t seen the tidal bore in Nova Scotia since 1965-66. I want to enjoy all of Nova SCotia , Cape Breton Iland, Newfoundland and Labrador. I want to then travel to the west on the TransCanada Highway. Spent soe time in Montreal & Quebec. Continue west to Atikokan and THunder Bay, And Haliburton Park. Then travel to Manitoba -Bisset area, and also visit 7 Pines Farm if it’s still open, near Winnepeg. having spent time there with my Boy Scout troop. I also want to ride the zeppelin out near the Pacific NW that takes sightseers over the wine country, and visit family and friends along the way.

warmonk (@guest_76834)
3 years ago

… don’t forget to visit the tree in Saskatchewan. Most people just race through and miss it.

Mitzi Agnew Giles (@guest_76954)
3 years ago
Reply to  warmonk


Mitzi Agnew Giles (@guest_76717)
3 years ago

Hey Al Hubbard there are 6 private campgrounds in the FL keys, and 2-3 state parks with camping allowed. You only have to stay at Hampton Inn if you don’t want to take your RV.

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