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RV Education 101: RV Buying Tips: What size RV is best for you?

By Mark Polk

RV Buying Tips: What size is best for you?

After you determine the best type of RV for you, consider what size RV works best for you. When I sold RVs, it was common for folks who never owned one to be a little intimidated by the size of RVs. The thought of towing a 30-foot trailer can be intimidating, so people decide on a 22-foot model instead, only to realize it is too small.

The same is true of buying an RV that is too large. Consider how and where you plan to travel and camp, and how many people will be in the RV. You don’t want a really large RV if you travel off the beaten road, and camp in state parks. And you don’t want an RV that is too small if you travel cross-country with your entire family.

All of these considerations will help in making an informed decision on the right size RV for you.

How to Buy the Right RV & Save Thousands

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Captn John
2 years ago

We started in 1976 with a 19′ TT. In 1984 my wife, 2 daughters, and I had a 28′ TT and traveled a couple months on a 10,000 mile trip. Just the 2 of us now and a small dog so a 41′ 5er with 5 slide outs is just right. We are long timers.

Patrick Granahan
2 years ago

We started with a 14 1/2 ft. Travel trailer…when shopping for our first unit we rejected the
idea of a pop-up unit and went with a hard sided travel trailer….the 14 1/2 footer proved
to be too small for our family of 4 and we graduated to a 21 footer…then ended up with a
28 footer that was just perfect.
Now with the kids grownup and moved out we are looking for a small motorhome.

Most folks go through the same cycle of selection until they get it right….some discover
that the RV lifestyle is not for them…this process keeps the supply of lightly used RVs
in the marketplace very well supplied…enjoy the journey and happy Camping!

We started in 1983 and the journey continues.

2 years ago

Well I started with the smallest trailer that I thought would hold our family with the stuff I wanted, a Starcraft Launch 7 19bhs, about 21 feet long 4000lbs. Cost aside, I could go for bigger, but to get comfortable I needed to own the smaller one and drive it around for a few weeks and practice backing it up.

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