Monday, December 5, 2022


RV Fires Happen: Be Careful


By Chuck Woodbury
Every week, in our Saturday newsletter, we post an RV Fire Safety Tip. The fact is, RV fires happen and too often. And when an RV catches fire, it burns fast. RV fire expert Mac McCoy (Mac the Fire Guy) advises that if you can’t extinguish a fire in 20 seconds, then concentrate on getting yourself out of the RV safely; forget about trying to save the RV. Watch this video with Mac where he explains more.

Tiny fire extinguisher in new RV. Like a pea-shooter in a war zone.

Mac suggests having five extinguishers on hand including one in an outdoor compartment. Watch this video where he explains. And be sure to know how to check those extinguishers to be sure they work. On most RV fire extinguishers that means tapping them on a hard surface (like concrete) every so often, maybe every three or four months.

And, as Mac always stresses, be sure you have an emergency exit plan. Most RVers, he suggests, do not.

What baffles me is the puny little fire extinguishers you find in most new RVs. They’re as effective as a pea shooter in a war zone. But the RV industry, always eager to save a buck, doesn’t really like to talk about RV fires.

If you ever doubt the number of RVs that catch fire, just type RV fire into YouTube. Here is what you might find:


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