Monday, September 27, 2021


Stinky tanks might need the popular “TubShroom®”

By Tony Barthel
One of the ways to keep your gray tank from becoming smelly is to minimize food waste that gets into it. Recently someone recommended using a TubShroom® to keep things from going down the drain. This actually seems like a good idea.

The TubShroom has been getting a lot of traction in advertisements on social media. It’s a handy device that pops into your drain and keeps hair and food waste from going down it. There are various models depending on the size of the drain, including ones for the shower and bathroom sink plus a Kitchen SinkShroom® as well. 

While I don’t have this device, we do have fine mesh screens on all our drains both in our proper house and in our RV. Since installing them we’ve had far fewer issues with clogs, which is a bonus. But the Kitchen SinkShroom is magic for the RV. It prevents food waste from heading down the drain and creating a smell in the tank. 

Installing these couldn’t be easier. You simply stick them in the drains in the tub and shower and over the large drain in the kitchen sink. Done. 

I did have to remove the stopper as our RV’s shower had one to stop water flow if we wanted to use the bathtub as a bathtub. There was also a stopper in the bathroom sink that just pulled out as well. The SinkShroom can also act as a stopper. 

If you’ve noticed your gray tank smelling, perhaps one of these might be a good investment. As an alternative, a fine mesh screen available at most hardware stores could also be the solution. 

Get the TubShroom for your bathroom here and the Kitchen SinkShroom here.



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2 months ago

I use the Tubshroom at home and RV. For my kitchen at home (septic) and RV I like this screen catcher, it’s a finer mesh and catches more debris:

Judith Castle
2 months ago
Reply to  Jane

I use these fine mesh strainers at home and in our motor home.

Richard Chabrajez
7 months ago

As with most of these “debris strainers”, the holes are too big. Coffee grounds and assorted small debris go right through.

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