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RV industry cautions against undue budget cuts


Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 8.34.46 AM(March 21, 2017) — In response to the Trump administration’s release last week of a blueprint for its fiscal year 2018 budget — entitled “America First, a Budget Blueprint to Make America Great Again” — the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) has issued a press release cautioning against undue budget cuts, especially with regard to the Department of Interior.

Offsetting a $52 billion hike in defense spending in the current federal budget proposal, RVIA points out, is a 21% decrease in funding for the Department of Agriculture, a 12% paring of funding for the Department of the Interior (DOI) and a 16% cut to the Army Corps of Engineers.

The budget proposal, in effect, cuts $1.5 billion from the Department of Interior, including the National Park Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

The funding cuts, according to the new administration, are ostensibly aimed at reducing unnecessary and duplicative programs and new federal land acquisitions while protecting public lands and increasing investment in deferred maintenance projects. However, RVIA in its release expresses concerns about the DOI’s ability to address a $12 billion maintenance backlog while absorbing a 12% budget cut.

“Investing in America’s great outdoors is imperative to safeguard the health of the $50 billion RV economy,” stated RVIA President Frank Hugelmeyer in the release. “At a time with a record number of RVs headed into the outdoors, steps should be taken to ensure adequate and safe infrastructure exists for this revenue-driving segment of the federal government. RVIA applauds proposals in the budget blueprint to increase investment in deferred maintenance projects and to leverage taxpayer investments with public and private partnerships. RVIA looks forward to working with Congress and the administration on the final budget to prioritize outdoor recreation, address the maintenance backlog and expand access to federal lands for RVers.”

The Department of Agriculture (USDA), including the U.S. Forest Service, is facing the largest proposed cut of $4.7 billion, RVIA points out, with the bulk of those cuts targeting food education programs, water and wastewater loan programs and unspecified staff reductions at USDA service center agencies. On the other hand, the budget does fully fund wildland fire preparedness and suppression activities.

The RVIA represents approximately 400 manufacturers and component suppliers producing 98 percent of all RVs made in the United States, according to the organization.

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Dr. Carlo G. Frazzano
5 years ago

Many of the comments here fail to recognize that there are services provided by the US government that no private organization will or can provide. Examples are the US Postal Service which must serve rural areas that the private sector finds unprofitable. another is TVA ( Tennessee Valley authority and other Government power generation facilities that no only provide power but flood control. Healthcare is another where the private sector has failed in that the US now has the most expensive healthcare in the world and consumes 17,5 % of GDP compared to other developed nations with superior healthcare outcomes, longer life spans and healthier populations plus cheaper healthcare delivery. There are many more areas as well and you will usually find that where the private sector fails or will not participate, it is the responsibility of the Government to step in to provide the “Greatest good for the greatest number.” Free markets do not exist in practice and when they did 100 years ago, services such as banking, manufacturing and power were cartelized by the oligarchs such as J.P Morgan, Carnegie, Mellon and others that either bought out their competition or engaged in practices to drive out their rivals. Result was anti-trust legislation under the Theo. Roosevelt administration to restrain the capitalists from dominating individual sectors of commerce and setting prices to what the traffic would bear.

5 years ago

Well said! Thank you!

5 years ago

Mostly redundant fed services that the states do most of anyway. Frd govt is bloated and inefficient, i say cut!

Rusty Austin
5 years ago

This is no surprise. Republicans have never hid their desire to eliminate the NPS and the EPA and sell off all public lands to the highest bidder. If you voted for them, you voted for that. Own it and be proud of your vote. After all the free market will provide RV parks right? As long as you can afford say $100 a night or so…

Roy Ellithorpe
5 years ago
Reply to  Rusty Austin

The only instance where a government run “business” will be cheaper than a private enterprise is if it is subsidized by taxes.

5 years ago
Reply to  Roy Ellithorpe

I agree with you.L

5 years ago
Reply to  Rusty Austin

Unbelievable that they are increasing defense spending by $52 billion when the dept of defense itself admitted it could take a cut off more than that and have no effect on readiness.

Mark Smith
5 years ago

I agree that waste and fraud reduction in all the federal government , should be the first place to save money. I’ve always thought that they could hire however many people they need to monitor waste and fraud, therefore creating new jobs, pay there salaries from the money they save, and still save millions of taxpayer dollars in the process.

Lee Wenk
5 years ago

The RVIA rails against budget cuts but still cuts their own quality assurance budgets. Granted, we (RVers) need more campgrounds and these cuts may impact that, but we would need even more campgrounds if our rigs spent less time in the repair shop.

Paul Terry
5 years ago

My wife and myself worked many years as campground hosts/managers. Most Forest Service etc Campgrounds are now operated by private companies, beyond day to day maintenance much needs to be done to protect the capital assets. With budget cuts I fear this will not happen. With more rvs on the road we may find fewer campgrounds to use.

Pete D
5 years ago

In conclusion to my comment above, when a budget cut is announced, rather than finding fraud and waste in the organization, they look for ways to make cuts that impact the taxpayer the most. Thereby, getting headlines for their budget woes. If private business operated this way they would be broke in short order. Come to think of it, so is the country.

Bill McD
5 years ago
Reply to  Pete D

The Government is not held accountable That’s the problem

Robert K.
5 years ago
Reply to  Pete D

Why are we in such a dire situation when looking at the deficit and the debt? Americans want to have everything but not pay for it. Not only is there tons of waste and fraud (see any of Tom Coburns annual Govt waste books) but far too many duplicate functions in our govt. The second there is a proposed cut, the bottom falls out and people protest. Even in California the govt admitted they had mis-managed tax funds and now needed more. They voted to raise their own taxes. Is this logical? Why not look into the competence of your govt officials to resolve the issue. Look at Social Security… the only reason we have such a yearly annual budget problem there is that govt officials broke into the SS Bank and stole the money leaving an I.O.U. And now the SS law is rewritten in such a way that govt is NOT required to pay any SS. I see in my neighborhood when a car might be speeding or makes a wrong turn, 2-3 police cars show up. REALLY! The govt is NOT our Mommy. Yet in private employment there are no longer pensions yet, in public employment you are walking on a golden path. Ridiculous! Just let the govt be the heart in the body and not the legs, arms and brains for everyone else. The states can work their own magic.

Pete D
5 years ago

I worked for the government all my life. We had a saying, “Use it or lose it.” It was heard as the fiscal year was coming to a close. In other words, if there is money left in the budget you had better spend it or your budget could be cut next year. That brought about much unnecessary spending. A bureaucracy is a living organism whose objective is to live and grow on taxpayer money.

Bill McD
5 years ago
Reply to  Pete D

I have to agree with you

5 years ago
Reply to  Bill McD

I worked for a decade for a government agency and three decades for two of the largest corporations in the U.S. Waste, inefficiency and corruption existed in all of them. There is a simple reason for this and that is they all employ humans who are flawed. In my experience, I didn’t see all that much difference.

Diane M
5 years ago
Reply to  Jim

I worked for a computer company that sold to the government. September (the government’s year end) was always a banner month.

Also, this is first pass at budget. Even with some depts getting increases, every department, including Defense, should cut out unnecessary people/projects/purchases.

No way any department is utilizing resources efficiently and spending every $1 on necessary people & other expenditures.

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