RV industry executive talks about lack of campgrounds


In this video from RV Pro Magazine with the Vice-President of Marketing and Communications for the RV Industry Association (RVIA), James Ashurst discusses ways the organization is working with the federal government. One issue that he discusses at length is the RVIA’s efforts to promote the modernization of today’s campgrounds and increase their numbers.

If you are interested in the workings of the RV industry, here’s an overview of what’s going on from the RVIA’s head PR man.

The video was recorded in June.

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Carol A Forrest

IMHO, we need more campgrounds and smaller RVs. So many are buying RVs bigger than buses to live in full time. Also, the RVIA needs to do something about the RVs being built, as so many people have horror stories about buying an RV for 30,000 to 200,000+ that spend most of the time in the shop.

gary burke

With the push for the White Sands Memorial to become a Federal Park there will be a increased demand for RV Parks in Alamogordo NM. Welcome Home Realtor has a listing for a 2.35 acre park located at 1001 Mesquite street. This could be a great investment property. It’s commerical zoned.
Has city water and sewer.
You can call Meike Schwarz at 575-491-4743


Growing lack of campgrounds will become a major issue. More CG’s are turning all or part of their space into ‘permanent’ sites for park models or semi-permanent placement on leases or space purchase. Across the country, opening CG’s is cost prohibitive. The requirements for new CG’s is so intensive that no one wants to invest for little return.

Increasing code requirements are placing many older CG’s in no other alternative than to close. Older CG’s may have ‘grandfather’ clauses but it also means they cannot sell or ‘upgrade’ their properties without meeting new and costly codes.

The only thing that seems to be growing is the number and size of RV storage lots.

Captn John

Notice he and the industry is not wiling to spend a dime, not even a penny. Not that they give a damn about anything but selling more units. The greed in the industry is way beyond making a profit on units poorly put together for the most part. Instead of asking others for help he should be in hiding if not trying to get the industry that overpays him with fees upon buyers. The sticker that fee pays for is not only a joke but a slap in buyer’s faces!

John T

I assume that “modernize” means hookups and more amenities, or leasing to a consessionaire. That’s the last thing we need in NPS and NFS campgrounds. Leave them rustic and low priced. If you want amenities, stay at an RV park.