Sunday, January 16, 2022


RV laundry room tips that could help you

By Jim Twamley

Many RVers find having a washer/dryer system in their rig to be the cat’s meow. But they don’t come without some drawbacks — sometimes a little tweaking can make your life with washing equipment better.

I met up with a couple of RVers at an RV rally. They knew what they wanted in their motorhome — a stacking, apartment-sized washer and dryer for the laundry closet. Since the dryer is a front loader, it is located on the top shelf of the closet because it’s easier to work with in this configuration.

Underneath is the top-loading washing machine. To enhance this working space the family relocated a factory-installed light moved from the top of the closet to the side wall by the washing machine. That cleared up one problem in a hurry — being able to see into the machine.

But one of the problems with having a top-loading wash machine under the dryer is the dryer shelf prevents the washer lid from opening completely. To overcome this issue the couple installed a magnet underneath the dryer shelf. Visit a hardware store and look through their cabinet latch section — you’ll find just the thing with a little digging. The magnet holds up the washer lid, freeing up both hands to do the laundry. Simple yet ingenious!


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