Tuesday, November 30, 2021


RV Mods: A place to carry your “grass carpet”


By Russ and Tiña De Maris

6″ tube with end cap, carlos6913 on wikimedia.org

Plenty of RVers carry a “grass carpet” with them to stick out under the awning. It’s great to simulate a little green when parked at some high-class RV park where your parking area is solid concrete and the nearest green is at the shuffleboard court. Problem is, how do you store your grass carpet?

For years we had to fold ours up, regardless of whether it was wet, dry, muddy or clean. We’d then stick the folded-up mess into a rectangular storage container and shove it away in the bowels of the rig someplace. Here’s another idea that might work a wee bit better.

Head on down to Home Depot or another similar retailer and look into a chunk of 6″ diameter PVC pipe. As to pipe length, much depends on your carpet size. If you’ve got the typical six-footer, than a few inches over six feet in length for the pipe is just about perfect. Pick up two end caps while you’re at it, and make sure you have some PVC cement.

pipe hanging tape: Amazon.com

On one end of the pipe, glue an end cap into place. Roll up the carpet and push it into the “tube” and push on the other end cap. That neatly secures the carpet and keeps it out of the way. Where to put the storage tube? For travel trailer folks, you’ll likely find that the tube could slide under your trailer very neatly, and can be suspended from a couple of loops of plumber’s pipe hanging tape. Form the loops and secure them to the frame using self-tapping screws. We suspect motorhomers may find a similar arrangement could work for them.




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Sidney Smith
4 years ago

If you used sewer pipe it would be lighter weight.
You could use either one with or without the holes for draining.

jim corns
4 years ago

I when I used the hose carrier to store my carpet when it was rolled up wet it got moldy due to lack if air flow.