Saturday, October 1, 2022


Used RV prices suggest buyers not frightened

War in Europe. Pump prices at all-time highs. Crowded campgrounds with reservations hard to come by. One might think these factors would tend to frighten potential RV buyers. But the latest report on used RV prices at auction seems to indicate buyers aren’t letting themselves be frightened.

Spring drives buyers to dealers

According to, a vehicle sales number crunching firm, February used auction sales were a mixed bag. “Spring has arrived in many parts of the country, and eager customers are beginning to flock to dealers’ showrooms,” writes Eric Lawrence, the Principal Automotive Analyst for Specialty Vehicles. “Motorhome values bounced back this month after three months of declines, but towables gave back some of the gains they notched last month.”

If you’re in the market for a motorhome, be prepared to pay more. Compared to January prices, motorhomes jumped nearly 11% to an average price of $76,332. Now zoom out a bit, and compare to a year earlier. At that time, the average used motorhome price at auction was $59,092. Prices for motorhomes show a whopping jump!

Non-motorized RVs are a bit more civilized in terms of used RV price trends. Towable RVs averaged a sale price of $20,938 in February, down $927 (4.2%) from last month. And compare that to 2021 prices. One year ago the average towable unit brought $20,371.

“Normal showroom traffic”

We would have thought that the huge price in motor fuel would have had a big effect on motorhome and other RV prices. Not so, according to Eric Lawrence. “Inflation and gas prices remain high, and the war in Ukraine has a lot of people concerned, but the dealers we have spoken to report normal showroom traffic.”

And just how old are your average used RVs? BlackBook reports that the average age of motorhomes was 13 years and towables six.

How do you figure? It seems like RV buyers either have a lot of cash to play with, or they’ve got visions of fuel price drops coming soon.



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Jesse Crouse
5 months ago

We bought our current and last MH-we are 73- when Tiff was 12. We feel we got a fair deal for a quality unit-06 Tiffin Phaeton 40QSH. Going on owning it 4 years and having no not normal expenses. We would not ever buy new again and not now with all the unit quality and manufacturer issues.

5 months ago

Thank you, RV’er Ms. Sherry. Would you older men with loss of hearing, sight, and cognitive disability’s please give us an opportunity to enjoy a decent conversation within this objective platform. Please.

5 months ago
Reply to  Clayobx

Well, there goes the RV industry.

BILLY Bob Thronton
5 months ago
Reply to  Clayobx

You referring to the guy in the WH, he ain’t no camper!

5 months ago

Time will tell… the full effects of the current higher cost of living are just now hitting and traditionally spring is the time lots of folks buy outdoorsy stuff. With all of that, the whiplash of supply chain issues cannot support higher prices on used RVs forever.
Lets face it, most RVs age like milk.

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