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Modern prospecting equipment: My favorite tool

In an earlier prospecting article I described a few pieces of simple, lightweight equipment that an RVer can carry efficiently in any rig. Here, we’ll start to examine each of those tools individually and see how to use them in greater detail.

My favorite piece of prospecting equipment

Perhaps my favorite prospecting tool is the Garrett Pro-Pointer. It can tell you if you are onto pay dirt or not, without having to dig and process gravel, not knowing whether or not any values are present. If you search in gravel near bedrock in an old stream bed, the Pro-Pointer will signal if it detects gold or platinum. (Silver is not freely distributed in gravels, and finding it requires an entirely different method from the heaviest metals. More on that in a separate post.) The Pro-Pointer will save hours of digging and washing gravel.

Here is a video demonstration of the Pro-Pointer in use.

Similarly, because the Pro-Pointer is waterproof to a depth of 20 feet, you can use it to detect along seams and crevices and under rocks in a creek bed to locate gold trapped there. Garrett Pro-Pointer Tool

Its three sensitivity levels allow the user to “tune out” areas of mineralized sand such as magnetite sands. (Although “black sand” is often an indication of the presence of gold.) The same technique can be used in country-rock crevices, quartz outcroppings, or anywhere that gold may be found.

Like all prospecting and mining tools, using a pointer detector is a time- and labor-saving method that will allow you to find more precious metals and get more enjoyment out of your RV prospecting trip.

Details and specifications according to Garrett Metal Detectors:

  • Narrows search area for buried metal objects
  • 360° detection area
  • Proportional audio and vibration signal indicators—increases as the target gets closer
  • Easy-to-use: single button control
  • Three sensitivity levels
  • Fast retune: fast and precise pinpointing
  • Built-in LED flashlight
  • Built-in scraping blade
  • Waterproof—submersible up to 20 feet.

More on other tools next time.




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1 year ago

Also finds lead weights and bullets, wire, old nails, scraps of iron and anything that’s ferrous metals.

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