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RV Prospector: Game-changing Gold Hog FlowPan speeds panning

Over the past 150 years of prospecting history, many have attempted to improve upon the method of use and recovery speed of the essential round gold pan. The original prospector’s tool was a metal, sometimes copper, pan, fashioned and formed by forging. The pans were effective but heavy and, if used correctly, slow. A man could only process so many pans per day of back-breaking work at the stream’s edge.

Looking for a better gold pan

As modern RV prospectors, most of us are still looking for that perfect panning device. We’ve switched from heavy steel pans to plastic, from smooth to riffled, and, when possible, use sluices to speed up the production process. If using a sluice, the cleanup requires a pan, so you carry both. That’s what struck me about the Gold Hog® FlowPan™: It is both.

I was impressed when I first saw Doc, the inventor and CEO of Gold Hog, demonstrate the tool in the FlowPan demo video.

First, it is fast. When working in a stream with a few feet of depth and moderate flow, the demo shows how the prospector can process an entire pan by shaking the initial contents of the pan in the water while standing perpendicular to the flow of the stream, then turn, and shake the pan while the water flow washes the material, like a sluice. The FlowPan bottom has a proprietary miner’s mat on its bottom. The mat’s riffles trap gold, just like in a sluice.

Gold Hog FlowPan is a labor- and back-saver

The second very laudable aspect of the FlowPan is that it works in the stream at a depth that allows the prospector to stand upright while washing instead of crouching down at the water’s edge. The FlowPan is not only a labor-saving device but also a back saver.

Third, but not last for RV prospectors, the FlowPan is a very compact, lightweight device and stores easily anywhere—a must for equipment carried on the road.

In an upcoming issue, RV Prospector will conduct an in-stream test of FlowPan and a new Gold Hog product, the Mini Stream Sluice.

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1 month ago

Very interesting- thanks!

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