Wednesday, November 30, 2022


RV quick tricks: Substitute GPS mounting “hardware”


By Russ and Tiña De Maris

My, how the times have changed – stacks of those infernally-hard-to-refold road maps have given way to a simple electronic device. For those who used to think that the patron saint of travelers was Saint Christopher now know it’s “Our Lady of the Dashboard.”

But if the old hassle of “refolding that confounded map” is gone, the new issue for travelers is, “What to do when you forgot your GPS mounting hardware.” From the Great Northwest comes this Great Idea from Rob Randazzo: A temporary fix in the form of a modified Styrofoam cup.

Photo: Bob Randazzo

Granted, it’ll be a little more difficult to get the GPS stuck to your windshield, but hey, it’s at least within eye-range, and when you crank the volume up, the little lady in the box will still be plenty close in range to yell commands at you. Provided that person in the right seat hasn’t already done so.

Thanks, Rob, for the clever idea. And a shout-out to all you other clever RVing folks. Got any quick tips to share? Drop a line to Russ at rvtravel dot com.


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Warren Trost
5 years ago

I may use a GPS to drive with but I always use a map to see all roads possible so I can know which route I want to use and to see where road/height problems may occur; also to see where attractions may be in each area I could go through.

5 years ago

I had a flat spot above the radio in the dashboard, so I used double sided tape to mount the GPS.

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