Monday, September 27, 2021


Video: 1954 RV rally. Some things change, others stay the same

In this newsreel from 1954, take a trip back in time and across the Atlantic to see how British “caravaners” gathered for what looks a lot like an RV rally of today – in glorious black and white, of course.

In this case, the gathering is made up of a small contingent of England’s 200,000 RVers – or rather “caravaners” – from all parts of the country. The purpose of the gathering (beyond socializing) is to teach the rally-goers about traveling in continental Europe, learning about international camping rules and the details of local currencies where they might visit.

There are no motorized RVs here, just caravans – travel trailers about 20-22 feet in most cases.

As you will quickly notice, traveling with a recreational vehicle back in those days, at least in England, was more formal than today. Most men, for example, wear a tie and sports coat.

After the weekend wraps up, the idea is that attendees will be ready to head across the channel to camp while feeling right at home.


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