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RV Review: 2021 Jayco Seismic 4113 Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler

We always listen to the people who read RV Travel, and we recently asked you about whether or not you have things like ATVs and such. Surprisingly, a good number of you do. So I thought I’d take a look at a few toy haulers since a lot of you have toys. I also pondered just how nice a toy hauler could be. 

With that in mind, I took a peek at the Jayco Seismic 4113 toy hauler. In the past, I’ve looked at some smaller toy haulers. I still am convinced that a toy hauler makes sense for many people even if they don’t actually bring ATVs or bikes or any of that with them. Since I’ve mentioned this before, I won’t go into it because there’s a lot to cover in this unit.

The objective of this design is almost like a giant party yacht – but with three axles and two bathrooms. While some RVs are a series of very obvious compromises – many chosen just so they can be towed – there is less of that in this toy hauler. And for anybody who says toy haulers are austere, this absolutely is not that.

What’s inside the Jayco Seismic 4113 Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler

There are two entry doors to to the Jayco Seismic – but let’s step through the main door toward the front of the coach. That’s where you’ll find the main living area. On the road side is a very long slide room that has a four-place sofa in it as well as a ten-cubic-foot refrigerator. Between those is a pantry. 

That huge sofa has recliners at either end of it. The backrests on the two middle seats fold down to reveal cup holders and power ports, with USB ports as well. There are also little tables that snap into holes on the ends of the sofa so you can enjoy a meal or beverage or even get some work done.

Sitting in this sofa across from you will be a 50” TV, one of four TVs you can have in this model. I kid you not. 

Behind the TV is the small downstairs half bathroom that you would access from the toy room. This bathroom has a sink and a porcelain foot flush toilet. Behind that is the glass sliding door to the first of two patio decks, each rated for 1800 pounds. On that side patio deck there is an awning above, naturally. But there’s also a compartment door that covers the second TV in this trailer. 

You could literally be out here on this deck watching one game while others are watching a different game inside. I think that’s the whole point. 


Back inside the Jayco Seismic, let’s mosey on over to the kitchen. There’s a higher counter facing the living room because Jayco filed for a patent on a raised kitchen. I think every 1970s house that I’ve seen is thinking, puh-leese. I’ve had that since the 1970s. Patent, my eye. 

Silly patent filings aside, this is a really nice galley with a U-shaped counter where the sink faces the main living area. That sink is covered on one side by a drain rack and, on the other, by a bamboo cutting board. It has a nice feel. as do the cabinets. They are a lighter color in the galley than they are in the main living area – giving it a visual distinction. 

I’ve mentioned in other Jayco reviews that the company has a little faucet at the sink that taps into a five-gallon bottle in the basement. The theory is that this is for purified water, but you can put any liquid you choose in there. I can see that someone is going to fill that five-gallon jug with some sort of party punch or wine. Talk about something worth patenting. 

The stove in this is one of the more usable RV stoves you can get. It’s a four-burner Insignia range with a real residential-sized oven. Above that is a 30” convection microwave. There are cabinets and drawers all around – so storage here is no problem. 

Upstairs in the Jayco Seismic

The bathroom is on the upper deck, as you would expect in a fifth wheel. It features the kind of shower stall that fifth wheel owners love – this one incorporating a flip-down teak seat. Nice. 

There’s a slide room up here in the bedroom and hallway outside the bathroom. It features hanging storage and drawers. You can get either a queen- or king-sized bed. The obvious disadvantage of the larger model would be that the space is tighter. However, the wardrobe slide up here alleviates much of that. 

There are additional cabinets on either side of the bed, as to be expected. But there’s also an interesting V-shaped cut for the front windshield that reminds me of something some swinger would do in their bedroom. It’s very grooooooooovy, baby. I might be sensing a theme here, although the interior is not a throwback to anything and is very, very tasteful. 

Oh … oh. Let’s not ignore the third TV on our tour, shall we? It’s against the camp-side wall in the bedroom. 

Toy room in the Jayco Seismic 4113 Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler

Since a toy hauler is all about hauling toys, theoretically, let’s look at the toy room. It’s actually a proper room separated from the rest of the coach by a glass door. You can see your toys from that huge couch in the living room. 

But that separation also means this could be a room for visiting friends to sleep or also for the kids. There are two couches on an electric lift which can be folded down to form a large bed. There’s a bed above those that can be lowered with that same lift. 

Furthermore, there’s actually a loft above the toy space that can sleep one more youngster who can utilize the ladder to get up there. Or, that could be for things like helmets or other gear associated with the toys. 

Overall the toy space measures 12’6” in length, so there is enough room for a wide variety of things back here. The toy room is also kept comfortable by its own AC unit on the roof, one of three available. 

You can even run all three of those AC units with the Onan 5.5 gasoline-powered generator, which would have its own 30-gallon fuel tank aboard. There’s a second 30-gallon fuel tank meant for fueling toys through the fuel filler. Yep, you’ve got your own gas station. 

And the toy area is where you’ll find the fourth TV, up on the bulkhead between the loft and the open space. Did I mention that there’s also washer-dryer hookups out here? Though it would seem that if you did bring in a washer-dryer, you would reduce the amount of space for toys by that measure. That could be the difference between bringing something and leaving it home. 

In summary

This thing is a beast with two decks, four TVs, three air conditioners, two bathrooms and more. I know some folks are going to say you can’t take this to such-and-such locations. But I’ve seen plenty of these in the desert where families drag out their plethora of off-roading toys and spend a full week off the grid. 

Considering the fact that this has enough generator capacity to run those three AC units and it has 102 gallons of fresh water, this is exactly where I’d expect to see these. In fact, I do see them when I go to the desert. I would be more surprised to see one of these in any RV park at all. The sheer size would limit where it could go anyway. 

For the family with toys and a sense of adventure who also wants to have a very nice experience wherever that adventure takes them, plus one heck of a tow vehicle, the Jayco Seismic 4113 Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler could be a good choice.

These RV reviews are written based on information provided by the manufacturers along with our writer’s own research. We receive no money or other financial benefits from these reviews. They are intended only as a brief overview of the vehicle, not a comprehensive critique, which would require a thorough inspection and/or test drive.

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Two decks
Great kitchen
Luxurious interior
Size limits usability


The Jayco Seismic 4113 toy hauler is a very large fifth wheel with two decks, four TVs, two living spaces, two bathrooms, three air conditioners and even its own gas station.
Tony Barthel has been a life-long RV enthusiast and travels part-time with his wife where they also produce a podcast, write about RVs and love the RV lifestyle.



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Michael J Catalino (@guest_144348)
2 years ago

I agree jayco isn’t the one To go with we have had our 4113 going on 2 years and have had in the shop at camping world longer than we have used it. Camping world has the worst customer service we have ever encountered and this isn’t our first RV. Don’t buy a jayco or better yet use a retailer other than camping world.

Doug P (@guest_131636)
2 years ago

I feel your pain I took delivery of 2021 Jayco Seismic 4113 2 months ago have yet to use it because of defective axle. Jayco customer service is extremely slow and not very helpful at all. Still waiting for replacement axle to arrive at dealer. Jayco/ Dexter axle won’t even commit to replacing ruined tire. The worst treatment I have ever had by any company.

Allison Boring (@guest_131524)
2 years ago

As a 2021 Jayco Seismic 4113 owner, December 24th, 2020, I HIGHLY recommend you go with an Alliance or Grand Design. Jayco Customer Service is a joke! This thing is poorly built and was in for “warranty” work before we ever made the first payment. It is definitely not worth the MSRP, maybe half that for all the headaches and cut corners that you’ll end up just repairing yourself or paying someone out of.pocket to.

Last edited 2 years ago by Allison Boring
T. Jones (@guest_131541)
2 years ago
Reply to  Allison Boring

You are exactly correct!! RVs are such a cheap build, and WILL LEAK! Warranty 😂 good luck with that! We’ve bought both brand new (never again) and used. The industry knows what will happen to the RV as soon as you leave the lot. There should be something legally done to protect buyers. It’s a nightmare when they start tarring up….and they will.
Buyers educate yourself!!!

DGSJR (@guest_159328)
1 year ago
Reply to  Allison Boring

Had a Grand Design and not any better!

The Jayco Seismic 4113 toy hauler is a very large fifth wheel with two decks, four TVs, two living spaces, two bathrooms, three air conditioners and even its own gas station. RV Review: 2021 Jayco Seismic 4113 Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler

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