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RV Review: 2021 Leisure Travel Vans Unity FX Class C

By Tony Barthel
Someone was clearly thinking ahead at Leisure Travel Vans in Canada. At the suggestion of William Robbins, I took a look at the Leisure Travel Vans Unity FX. I had reviewed another one of their vans back in November, the Wonder RL, but this one really captured my attention too.

Based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter cutaway chassis, these motorhomes are being used as daily drivers by some due to their manageable size, but they still offer all the amenities of a proper motorhome. One of the things that really impresses me is when an RV company creates a flexible space that lets you use it as you wish. That’s a huge benefit of this coach’s function. 

Leisure Lounge System

Calling it their Leisure Lounge System, this coach features a built-in surface that starts life as a couch that is divided into three sections… sort of. On the outer two positions, there’s a footrest you can extend out from beneath the main cushion with a secondary cushion to use there. You can take the backrest cushions and use them to turn this into a daybed. Or, there are supports that lift up so you can take those backrests and use them to make this a dinette. 

As to that dinette, you simply move the middle section of the couch, which is easy to do. Then a table flips down and rests on a fold-up stand. This has to be one of the most flexible and well-thought-out seating areas I have ever seen in any RV. Period. You can bet this is going into my best RV features for 2021, as well. 

Best of all, all of this works perfectly well with the slide room in or out. 

With the slide room out you can also lower the Murphy bed and have an almost king-sized sleeping surface measuring 68 inches in width and 76 inches long. As they say in the late-night TV commercials…  But wait! There’s more!

The bed isn’t just a simple bed. The headboard can also flip up to become a backrest so if you intend to read or watch TV at night, this bed is made just for you. Each side of the bed has its own individual flip-up headrest. 

Lastly, the seats from the cockpit spin around and you have a nice gathering space. 

The show on the road

If TV is your thing, that’s another reason to choose this RV. Leisure includes a Blu-ray player in its coaches as well as an antenna that boosts both Wi-Fi and also incoming cell signal. You can set this system up with your own cell carrier or buy one just for the RV with a SIM card. 

You can have the Blu-ray player’s content sent to the TV in the back or move it up to the TV in the front. The whole media center is, again, better than I’ve seen anywhere else. 

All of the controls for the media center are in a cabinet on the camp side to the right of the entry door. Above the entry door are all the rest of the controls for the battery, Truma Combi water heater and generator. 

Below the TV and its controls is the first of two closets that have hanging space. As you walk in the door of the motorhome, there is a cubby in the base of this cabinet facing the door for shoes, and a second one up above for keys or whatnot. Oh, and the key fob that controls the power door locks for the cab doors also will lock the RV’s door. 

The galley of the Unity FX

The galley offers a two-burner propane cooktop and a decently-sized round stainless steel sink. Above the counter is a good amount of cabinet space with a shelf in one cabinet for smaller items. The wood doors are curved and have a number of different finish options. 

Behind the cook, on the road side, is a Dometic three-way refrigerator with doors that open either left or right. These doors are like the same parlor trick that some fridges did in the 1950s, specifically a Philco model that is all the rage with collectors. However, YouTubers Mike & Jennifer Wendland have had issues with this door mechanism with the doors just falling off. 

Out back in the outback

If you were impressed with the lounge in the front of the Unity FX, the story hasn’t ended there. Behind the refrigerator is another hanging closet and then the bathroom. 

This is a dry bath with decent space inside, but you can latch the bathroom door such that additional space is added to the bathroom. Yes, even with the door in position to favor the bathroom’s space, it’s still small but certainly usable. 

The back is the second lounging area and, again, there’s a second big couch back here. You could use this as a daybed or a couch – but don’t forget that ottoman. 

The ottoman that resides below the back wall seat of the couch is on wheels and can roll out and become another place to put your feet. But then you can lift the cushion off the top of that and there’s an actual desk inside. It lifts up so you can use it while sitting on the couch. Of course, this could also be a place to eat. 

Options in the Unity FX

The Unity FX comes with a lot of features that are standard which we’ve already shared here. However, there are also some options worth nothing. For example, there are two generators available: a 3.2KW Onan diesel model or a 3.6KW Onan LP-fired model with auto start and auto changeover. 

On the subject of power, you can get 200 watts or 400 watts of solar on the roof. And there is the option to upgrade the batteries to Lithium. 

Other upgrades include an automatic leveling system, a safe, macerator pump system and a few other items. There are a number of exterior colors available – but all of those are multi-stage paints, no stickers. 

In summary

So many times I see RV companies advertise their coaches as super-innovative and groundbreaking. Then I look through them and they’re basically a copy of something else out there, and are another boring collection of standard industry parts. 

Then you see something like the Unity FX – where innovation shines in many aspects: the seating, the bed, the floor plan and even the bathroom door. Build quality is exceptional and there is nothing about this coach that makes me wonder if anyone at the company even ever sat in it before it went into production. 

It’s clear that Leisure Travel Vans’ people have thoroughly vetted every inch of this platform for real-world usability. As you can tell, I am thoroughly impressed. Things like dimmers for the lights, real buttons, the location of controls. On and on...

The only thing I could suggest to Leisure to improve this is to use the gray tank to flush the toilet and shrink the gray tank down. Then they could give us more fresh water in the process. Even my own travel trailer has 37 gallons of fresh water. This is so well suited to off-grid camping with the exception of that small holding tank. 

This is truly one of the best floor plans I’ve seen in a smaller motorhome – without question. 

These RV reviews are written based on information provided by the manufacturers along with our writer’s own research. We receive no money or other financial benefits from these reviews. They are intended only as a brief overview of the vehicle, not a comprehensive critique, which would require a thorough inspection and/or test drive.

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Tony Barthel has been a life-long RV enthusiast and travels part-time with his wife where they also produce a podcast, write about RVs and love the RV lifestyle.



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Roger Spalding (@guest_115348)
2 years ago

LTV’s Class C MHs got me interested in RVing at the start. They are very pricey. I prefer the Wonder series as AWD is available along the Ford Ecoboost twin turbo gas V6. LTV has a great face on its products as Jay is real folksy and packs in the info without being obnoxious. Can’t say the same about the Wendlands whom I find to be irritating and patronizing. Options can also be expensive (e.g. lithium batteries carry a premium so you should buy directly from manufacturer). LTV must address the terribly small freshwater capacity. The Truma helps, but that alone is not enough. If you want to dry camp for more than one day, you need at least 50 gallons. For RVs built in Canada you would think they would be more robust and 4 season capable. They’re not. In another video, it’s suggested Florida or Arizona should be the wintertime destination for LTV owners. You’ll see lots of them there from October to April. Just the same, if I had the scratch, I would buy one in a heartbeat.

Rick (@guest_115306)
2 years ago

Bought a Unity TB last year and LOVE IT!!!!! Went from a 40ft Mountain Aire to that! Don’t miss the 40 footer at all! Wish it did have more fresh water capacity and 4 season insulation and it would be “PERFECT”!!!!

Donald N Wright (@guest_115284)
2 years ago

I looked at the Unity twin bed. Beautiful unit and easy to use. I wish there was a comparison somewhere between the gasoline engine and the diesel engine.

Roger V (@guest_115328)
2 years ago

Haven’t seen a direct comparison, but there’s lots of discussion on that in the Facebook LTV group of course. I assume you’re referring to the LTV Wonder series on the Ford Transit chassis with the Ecoboost gas engines. There is no Unity version with a gas engine as they’re all on Mercedes Sprinters with diesels.

HDDRvr (@guest_115336)
2 years ago

The Unity only comes in diesel. With our 2013 Unity twin bed, bought new in 2013, we average 16.5 mpg fully loaded and towing our Honda Fit all over Ca. Have not seen a small RV ( <25′) that has the amount of inside and outside storage compartments as the Unity. We absolutely love our rig.

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