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RV Review: 2021 Little Guy MyPod

This is our review of the 2021 Little Guy MyPod travel trailer, which should resume production about the time you read this. 

By Tony Barthel
What is the definition of a travel trailer? Well, for some it’s a place to sleep that keeps you off the ground at night with some provision for managing temperature. In that case, the MyPod trailer by Little Guy Trailers qualifies. 

The MyPod is a solid answer to folks who have very small vehicles but still want a trailer they can easily tow. How small a vehicle are we talkin’? The MyPod can actually be towed by some touring bikes and many trikes. Throw in things like the Prius or Mini Cooper and you’ve got a very, very towable machine. 

Big things in little packages

The MyPod’s total dry weight is just 760 pounds with a tongue weight of just 110 pounds. That’s probably less weight than the driver in the vehicle or whatever junk is in the trunk. 

What you get in this small package is a completely enclosed fiberglass “egg” that incorporates a mattress, TV, air conditioner and some storage. Furthermore, there’s a platform on the tongue if you want to bring a small generator. It’s a nifty little package that may be right for some campers. 


One of the things that may make this a good alternative to the Time Out Deluxe trailer is that it’s all enclosed in fiberglass. Some parks where there are bears don’t allow folding trailers. So if you’re a motorcycle enthusiast who also wants a trailer, this may make more sense if that’s where you want to venture. 

While this has a similar shape to the Aliner Ascape, you’ll find that that trailer is much larger and incorporates more amenities. The RV industry is really terrific – there truly is something for everyone and it’s great to have these choices!

Amenities in the 2021 Little Guy MyPod

Inside the MyPod it’s a pretty simple affair. On the far wall, in the nose of the trailer, is a small air conditioner, a stereo system with Bluetooth, a single cabinet that runs the width of the nose and then a 12-volt television. 

All around you, the entire interior shell has been covered with carpet to deaden sound and provide some insulation. Since there is no propane system, there is also no heater – so this could be a fair-weather camper. However, it does have a 30-amp connection and a 110vac electric plug, so you could consider bringing a small electric heater. It wouldn’t take a lot to make the interior of this very cozy. 

There is also a high-performance fan on the roof and a large window in the rear access door. The fan can blow in or out, so you can use this to create some significant airflow in this small space. 

The floor is where you’ll find a folding mattress that’s 52” X 76” – so slightly smaller than a full-sized mattress. That mattress folds in half so you can sit on it during the day and sleep on it during the night. 

The blinds on the two side windows are interesting in that they’re alternating rows. Essentially you just sort of swipe them open and closed. The two side windows don’t open. 

The downside

Clearly, in something this small and light there’s no standing room, and also absent are any water systems whatsoever. There’s also no toilet. The plus side of this is that winterization is not something you’ll ever have to think about. 

Furthermore, this will fit into almost any garage so that slick egg-shaped shell will stay new-looking for years. In fact, there is a whole fan club for these things with lots of enthusiastic owners. 

Speaking with Joe Kicos from Little Guy, he indicated that the MyPod production for 2021 will resume soon. For those who might want a very lightweight trailer that offers the benefits of being hard-sided, this could be a great choice. 

These RV reviews are written based on information provided by the manufacturers along with our writer’s own research. We receive no money or other financial benefits from these reviews. They are intended only as a brief overview of the vehicle, not a comprehensive critique, which would require a thorough inspection and/or test drive.

Got an RV we need to look at? Contact us today and let us know – thank you!

Tony Barthel has been a life-long RV enthusiast and travels part-time with his wife where they also produce a podcast, write about RVs and love the RV lifestyle.


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1 year ago

We’ve had one of these since 2017 and tow with a chevy bolt, my wife, myself and 65 pound dog, it’s comfy, i use a wedge pillow so that helps watching movies, we rarely use the A/C cept for nasty hot days or nights, and it’s warm enough with the 3 of us to never need a heater, get the ARCHAUS tent with the skirt and your enclosed dining/hangout area. customer service for thge POD sucks, but the quality is great NOTE, replace the hinges on the storage, and replace the fan every year.

4 months ago
Reply to  Steve

Great share Steve. I sold my beloved 2500 lb Casita when I purchased the 2023 Bolt EUV since I now can only pull 2000 lb. I don’t regret letting it go because I LOVE my Bolt!! I’m curious though how much range I’ll lose pulling myPAD. Not that I’m in any hurry when I camp but I’d like to go further than 100 miles on a charge. I’d be interested in any insight you can share.

2 years ago

Have you reviewed the Black Series Trailers yet. We are looking at one even though they are pricey, it should be the last trailer I will need to buy.

William Clower
2 years ago

Concerning your editorial view at the front of this article; far too many people believe what they read or hear on the news sources. The news seems to be slanted left or right mostly left though!
don’t know why we just keep getting straight use anymore. The courts used to prevent large news organizations from monopolizing the news sources, not anymore!

RV Staff
2 years ago
Reply to  Tony

I think William posted his comment on the wrong page, Tony. Happens frequently. —Diane at RVtravel.com

2 years ago

I would consider pulling that behind my Goldwing. Better than sleeping on the ground and setting up and breaking camp in no time.

Donald N Wright
2 years ago

I always see this trailer on line or in magazines, never at RV shows or at the dealerships.
It looks like such a good alternative to a teardrop. Attaching a tent to the stern and a fold up canopy over the top for shade are possibilities.

Tommy Molnar
2 years ago

Frankly, I like the ‘tent’ attached to the trailer more than the trailer. Use the trailer for chucking all your camping gear in (like the tent) and enjoy the benefits of a large tent for “camping”. Looking at the “entertainment center”, it seems like you must sit “Indian style” in order to watch the TV since there is nothing to lean against unless maybe you close the door. It almost reminds me of a one-axle Smart Car.
But, I guess that’s just me . . .

Last edited 2 years ago by Tommy Molnar
Patrick O'Flaherty
2 years ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

If you’ll reread the article, it mentions that the mattress can be folded up into a sofa which therefore would provide back support in a seating position.

Bob P
2 years ago

There should be an age recommendation along with this article. I’m sure if I were to get into this trailer I would most likely need help getting out. Lol

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