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RV Review: 2022 Jayco Eagle HT 320FBOK

Flat fifth wheels. This is another in that series of articles that included yesterday’s Grand Design Reflection 312BHTS, a large trailer that is really a flat fifth wheel. As written previously, one of the reasons to get something like this is that if you have challenges going up and down stairs, the fewer the better. So not having to navigate steps into a bathroom is one component of this decision. 

I shared that I liked the Outback better than Grand Design’s offering for a lot of reasons, including how they’re built and the suspension design. Well, those factors are true here, too, with the 2022 Jayco Eagle HT 320FBOK travel trailer. 

This is also a really large travel trailer that is a very different layout from the other two linked here. But this offers another idea for people considering living in a trailer full time, or, at least, spending a lot of time in it. 

In fact, the Outback I shared was one that I sold to a customer who was a traveling medical professional and did live in her trailer. Having something like this let her chase work around the country while also enjoying all the benefits of traveling this great land. 

Highlights of the Jayco Eagle HT

There is a lot I like about this floor plan and the way Jayco has implemented it. Some of the cornerstone features of Jayco include what they call JaySMART™ lighting (patent pending, BTW), which flashes the marker lights when you use your turn signals. I think this is a safety feature that should be required, quite frankly. 

There’s also something called the JayPort™, which is a 2” receiver hitch on the side of the trailer. It’s meant to hold the flat-top griddle that comes with the trailer and is part of the outdoor kitchen. 

Jayco also uses Goodyear Endurance trailer tires but installs a MORryde suspension so you don’t have to do this later on. I realize that many of these larger trailers don’t see much time on the road. However, some do and better pieces are always an advantage. 

But something that could really be a big advantage, depending on the camper, is the seven-foot ceiling height in this trailer. For anybody, of course, this makes the rig feel much more open. But it could be a game changer for taller RVers, particularly in the shower. 

Bedroom slide in the Jayco Eagle on the road side

Like the Outback, the Jayco Eagle features a bedroom slide but one that is on the road side, so the bed slides out there. This leaves the whole nose cap open. Jayco uses this space to put a little couch and then closets on either side of that. 

Owing to the slope of the nose, there’s also a cargo area behind the couch. This sort of underbed storage has been pretty useful to my wife and me in our new trailer. However, ours truly is under the bed, whereas this is behind that couch. Oh, and Jayco also has space under the bed. 

You can get this with either a queen-sized or king-sized bed. But if you choose the smaller of the two, there are sideboards on either side of the bed with little cubbies underneath. 

I love reading your comments and I wonder what you think of the couch in the bedroom? I like it as it gives an “away” space for when someone (not mentioning any names here) says something is “fine” but it’s really not, and now they’re in the bedroom and you’re in the dog house. 

Not that I know anything about this whatsoever. 

Roomy floor plan in the Jayco Eagle HT

Many of these larger trailers have floor plans that are quite different than what you see in smaller trailers, but this one follows the pattern I’ve seen quite a bit. This can be a good thing because the dinette in this trailer is a big dinette and “U” shaped. But it’s one that four adults could easily sit around, or six if you bring in a couple of folding chairs. 

The kitchen is your typical “L”-shaped variety but, of course, is a bit larger. The materials in these higher-end trailers reflect the loftier price tag. Further, Jayco gives you a proper 22” oven. Thank you. 

There is a closet right at the entrance of this trailer. It has shelves that flip up and are held in place magnetically. This gives you the option of being able to use the space either for taller items, jackets or other things that fit on the shelves without wondering what to do with those shelves. Further, there is a closet in the bathroom that has the same feature. 

Rear bathroom the width of the trailer

Since we’re now in the bathroom, the way this trailer is similar to smaller models is in the layout. It features a front bedroom, middle main living space and bathroom across the rear of the trailer.

But, as mentioned before, everything’s bigger here. It’s like Texas or something. Except, instead of the Texas Rangers, there’s a WiFi Ranger. Well, actually, that’s something I don’t know, but the joke would’t have been the same if I didn’t word it that way.

In the bathroom, which spans the width of the trailer, there’s a shower and sink on the road side and a toilet in the middle. But the big thing here is the closet space. Not only are there those flip-up shelves I mentioned but there’s just a lot of space along with a full-length mirror.

I don’t see a lot of larger mirrors in RVs in general except larger Class As. There are also hook-ups for a washer and dryer back here.

Lots of storage space

Further, the space behind the TV out in the living room actually is a cubby that you access from this nifty bathroom closet. So there’s more storage space that’s not wasted.

There is absolutely no carpet in this unit whatsoever. Jayco has done a very good job matching the vinyl flooring in the main space with that in the slide rooms—making a nice-looking package.

If we go back outside, we can see some of the other standout features of this trailer. Starting at the front there’s a larger platform that, to me, looks big enough for a generator. Since the platform is below the nose cap and outside, plus behind the propane tanks, you could arguably put a propane-fired generator. You just have to be cognizant of where the exhaust is going to be headed.

Boondocking and travel access

These really large travel trailers are well-suited to off-grid camping in many ways. This particularly thanks to larger holding tanks made possible by just being larger rigs. For example, there are 81 gallons of fresh water storage aboard this rig. That is larger than some fifth wheels and is pretty impressive. There’s also 65 gallons of gray water storage.

As for travel access, well, that’s not a strong suit of this model at all. The living room slide effectively conspires with the peninsula in the kitchen to block access to the back of the trailer, which includes the bathroom.

But I don’t think this is such a big thing in a big trailer, as my perception is that these go places and stay there for a long time.


The Trans Am screaming chicken

One of the things that I had to laugh at was that Jayco listed their graphics as automotive-grade. But car companies have long since given up on tacky graphics like on, let’s say, the Smokey and the Bandit screaming chicken decal on the hood of a late ‘70s Pontiac Trans Am. I know what the message is—the graphics are of higher quality. But that didn’t stop my mind from wandering. 

Great warranty on the Jayco Eagle HT

One of the many strong suits of this model includes the warranty. Jayco already has a longer warranty than that of some competitors. It’s already at two years overall and three years on the structure. But this line also gets a bonus in that it’s warranted for full-time use. 

I can see the bedroom in this being polarizing. However, for those who really like it, it’s definitely a plus. There’s a lot to like in this rig. My main distraction is that there are furnace vents in the floor. But you can put a magnet sheet over those. (These are available in most hardware stores and are designed for just this purpose.)

Very usable interior in this big unit

The Jayco Eagle HT is a larger, heavy unit. But it is certainly one that rewards the owner with a strong warranty and a very usable interior. 

I would love to read your comments and suggestions over on our new forums, where you can weigh in and start or join a discussion about all things RV. Here’s a link to my RV Reviews Forum.

If you’re RV shopping here are some tips on RV shopping from a former RV salesperson—me!

Tony comes to having worked at an RV dealership and been a lifelong RV enthusiast. He also has written the syndicated Curbside column about cars. You can find his writing here and at StressLessCamping where he also has an RV podcast with his wife, Peggy. 

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Tommy Molnar
26 days ago

In my humble opinion (ahem), that settee in the bedroom and the outdoor kitchen are both space wasters. But I like the 81 (not just 80) gallons of fresh water. This is boondocker’s nirvana. Plus, it seems to have an elelctric/propane fridge which also adds to the boondockability of this unit. However, if you can’t access the head or the kitchen with a quick roadside stop, it’s a no-go for me.

Gordy B
26 days ago

I would NOT be comfortable putting a generator next to a propane tank For me that is a big red flag, you never know when a hose may be rubbing and spring a leak in a spot you cannot see. It just does not set well. I would also prefer storage in the bedroom rather than a window and couch. I would also modify the counter to gain access to the kitchen and bathroom with the slides in. Happy Trails

Roger Spalding
26 days ago

I like Jaycos a lot. The cold/hot weather insulation/packages are excellent. If this unit is 50 amp 2nd A/C equipped, one would be in pretty good shape wherever you go, pretty much. 12V fridge, 22″ oven and HAB sofa help quite a bit. My one complaint is with regard to Jayco’s solar package. The Overland-Ext pack is only available with Northpoint or Pinnacle. Gotta have the 3,000 watt inverter plus 4 100AH/12V lifepo4 batteries. If one could get that from the factory, an attractive acquisition.

27 days ago

I’m not a fan of a couch in the bedroom at the expense of what could have been a nice full-wall closet…especially for full timers. Get rid of the leak prone front window…which if not leaking will be full of condensation and dripping in cold weather…and put in a useful closet/storage space.

If someone wants to pout…they can lay on the bed. 🙂

A blocked bathroom and refrigerator, when in travel mode, would be a non-starter for us.

27 days ago

My Ram 2500 diesel would be perfect for towing this Jayco in the Colorado Rockies. No problems going up or down 11,000′ passes.

And the REAL 80″ king or queen bed, suspension system, and warranty are certainly appealing. However, the deal killer for me is the lack of bathroom and fridge access while on the road or during a Walmart grocery shopping trip. Plus the distance from the bed to the toilet at 2:00 am might be just a little too far for comfort, if you get my gist! Sorry, but that just becomes a fact of life at my age.

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