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RV Review: 2022 Keystone Montana 3813MS fifth wheel

Today we’re looking at the Keystone Montana 3813MS, a larger fifth wheel that really distinguishes itself upstairs in the bedroom. 

Keystone Montana

I had the chance to speak with Colin Dechant, General Manager of Keystone’s Montana division (you can hear that here) and listen to how he feels the Montana brand is different. It was actually pretty educational. 

One of the things he was very clear to point out is that there are more than 1,000,000 Keystone customers over the years and the company does gatherings where they sit and listen to the owners of the Montana product. Dechant spoke to many innovations and changes made to the Montana product. 

So, one of the strong reasons to consider a Montana is just the minor details that make a difference. But oftentimes these differences really matter over time. I have written about Keystone in the past, most recently when looking at the Bullet 221RBS in yesterday’s review. 

A lot of the things that set the Bullet apart extend into the Montana line in terms of the advantages Keystone builds in. But then they go further with things like their Blade Pure™ AC system which incorporates a MERV 9 air filtration system. Consider that most RVs have nothing more than a cheap foam filter for their air conditioning systems and you see how there’s a difference. 

The big bedroom

But all the logical features aside, what really made me sit up and take notice in this rig was the upstairs bedroom, or Master Suite. That’s what the MS in the name stands for. 

That bedroom features much of what you’d expect in a nicer fifth wheel bedroom, including a residential king-size bed that uses the slide to make room for itself. 

Along the front of the bedroom, which would be in the nose cap of this trailer, there is a closet, again as you’d expect. 

But there’s a giant hallway closet, too, that features drawers galore on the road side and a hanging closet in the camp side. This really makes this bedroom feel a lot like the bedroom in a house, quite frankly. 

Further, at the foot of the bed is another set of drawers atop which is a TV. Honestly, these are some of the most generous bedroom area drawers and cabinets I’ve seen—and I’ve seen a lot of RVs. 

In fact, there’s even a compartment just for yesterday’s clothes. Yep, there’s a laundry hamper. And, should you want to wash those dirties right in this trailer, you can. There’s an optional washer and dryer right upstairs in the closet area. I realize that space considerations often mean that washer and dryer units end up in odd spaces. But this is exactly where these make the most sense.  

The bathroom is no slouch either but not as hugely different as this closet area. Still, a nice space with a surface-mount bowl sink and a larger shower with a seat. 

More details

There are a few other things that I thought were nice details. For example, the central vacuum system also has provisions so you can use the attachments in the front storage bay so you can vacuum that out. This has to be helpful after putting those dirty camp chairs in yet again. 

If you didn’t plan well and you’re stuck camping in 0° F temperatures, know that Montana has certified that this rig will be just fine in the weather. You, on the other hand, should have made those reservations in the south when you said you were going to. 


I was unable to see this rig all closed up. But I will guess, based on the overview illustration, that you would be able to get to the refrigerator with the slide in. It would seem that the upstairs bathroom would be no issue, but I don’t know if the bed is usable. 

However, Keystone is really at the forefront in solar. This rig comes with 200 watts of solar power. But it is available with up to 1200 watts of solar along with two Dragonfly (the commercial OEM branch of Battle Born) 270-amp-hour lithium batteries. 

Back to the conversation with Colin Dechant. He told me that a Montana owner had opted for the 1200I-L solar package and stopped a bit before one of the rallies the company had. That owner sat in the cab of his tow vehicle and, using his phone linked to the control system in the fifth wheel, set the air conditioner to a comfortable level. When he got to camp, it was comfortable inside despite being over 100° F outside. 

This is before he ever plugged in to hook-ups. It was pure battery magic. 

In summary

There are other things I like about this rig and, let’s be honest. This is a big fifth wheel that’s more a home base than something you’re dragging frequently from place to place. Yes, it’s fully capable of that. But these do tend to sit—so access with the slide rooms in isn’t as big a deal as it would be with some RVs. 

Further, on the subject of moving around, this does have a Road Armor™ shock-absorbing hitch pin. It also has 7,000-pound Dexter Gladiator® axles with upgraded springs and a Road Armor™ suspension system riding on G-rated tires. 

There’s also a tire pressure monitoring system. 

The downstairs space is nice but not overly surprising. There are some little details that I think will matter over time. Those include light switches at the back couch that you can access without standing up. There’s also an extra-wide three-place seat that behaves like a theater seat with a fat armrest. Fold it up and someone can sit in the middle. 

More to like in the Montana

Lastly, there are windows galore in this model, as well. And that’s something I appreciate. 

If I were full-timing in a fifth wheel, this might be a really good choice what with all that closet space upstairs. With so many advantages, I can see why Montana continues to be the best-selling brand of fifth wheels out there. 

One thing: Photos are of various Montana models and don’t all reflect this specific model. For a full walk-through check out the video below. 

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Keystone Advantages
Blade Pure air filtration
Upstairs closets


The Keystone Montana 3813MS features a really large upstairs bedroom that has a residential feel thanks to loads of closet space and a residential king-sized bed.
Tony Barthel has been a life-long RV enthusiast and travels part-time with his wife where they also produce a podcast, write about RVs and love the RV lifestyle.


  1. Why does the floor plan not match the exterior picture? And no pics of the upstairs area. The floor plan appears to have three levels??

    • Hi, Roger. You may have missed Tony’s caveat at the bottom of the article (just above the video): “One thing: Photos are of various Montana models and don’t all reflect this specific model. For a full walk-through check out the video below.” Sorry for the discrepancies. Have a good evening/night. 😀 –Diane

  2. I agree with Leonard, our 2019 35’ 3121RL has held up well over the 30,000 miles we’ve put on it. Great layout, form and function. Montanas are great rigs.

  3. As a Montana 3120RL owner, I agree with most of your comments. We are travelling from our Canadian home base for five months this winter and it stands up pretty well, and the washer dryer combo for us is a real game changer! I do like that mine is “only” 35′ and has nearly 4,000 lbs cargo capacity vs the reviewed model at just under 3,000.
    Either way, Montana seems to be one of the better units available.


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The Keystone Montana 3813MS features a really large upstairs bedroom that has a residential feel thanks to loads of closet space and a residential king-sized bed. RV Review: 2022 Keystone Montana 3813MS fifth wheel

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