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RV Review: 2022 Wildwood Heritage Glen Hyper-Lyte 26BHHL—a beastie

Today’s RV review is of a Wildwood Heritage Glen Hyper-Lyte 26BHHL. You might look at this and say, “Yep, just another bunkhouse.” Okay, I get that. And, yes, you’re right. In terms of floor plan and features, it’s pretty straightforward. However, one of the things I try to instill in these reviews is to look at RVs from the bottom up rather than the top down. 

That’s where you’ll find the best part of this model. 

All about that base

Looking at all sorts of RVs, one of the things that’s pretty common is that there isn’t a lot of extra capacity for your stuff. I’ve seen some Class C RVs where the cargo carrying capacity is under 1,000 pounds. Sometimes well under 1,000 pounds. 

I was surprised to learn that this trailer has a cargo carrying capacity of just over 3,000 pounds.

I got to speak with someone at an RV show recently who weighs RVs as a service. He indicated that some 40 percent of all RVs are overloaded. In fact, some are rather dangerously overloaded. 

Speaking also with a representative from an axle manufacturer, he, too, indicated that a lot of axle and tire failures occur because rigs just have too much stuff in them. So, it’s nice to see a big-model trailer which is likely going to have all the kids’ stuff along with the usual vacation load really well-suited to actually carry that load. 

Now, I will say the unladen weight of this trailer might be tempting for some people with half-ton trucks. I guess it sort of would be within the capabilities of some half-ton trucks to tow this. But I just like having trucks that can control a lot of trailer and, at almost 34 feet in length, you really want to take control of this thing. So let’s avoid the temptation to tow it with a half-ton truck, shall we? 

Closetopia in the Wildwood Heritage Glen Hyper-Lyte 26BHHL

One of the places where you’ll definitely see a good amount of space for all those 3,000 pounds of stuff are in closets and cabinets inside this trailer. There is one up in the front bedroom, and there’s a pantry, which isn’t very uncommon, right toward the rear of the interior. 

The closet that I liked the best was the one right at the front entry door. This would be a great place to put those things that you want access to—like jackets or umbrellas or shoes or a broom, that kind of thing.  This really makes sense. 

Surprise—no surprise

Otherwise, you’re not going to find any huge surprises in the Wildwood Heritage Glen Hyper-Lyte 26BHHL. 

There is the usual sleeping space for lots of people. The kitchen features the usual lousy small oven that so, so, so many RV manufacturers make us all suffer with. 

This also sports an RV queen-sized bed, but it wouldn’t be a big deal to upgrade to a regular queen. However, if you do, you might find that the closet in the bedroom is more difficult to access. 

On the subject of access, the Heritage Glen Hyper-Lyte 26BHHL has two entry doors, so you have direct access to the bathroom. Further, the steps leading up to the bathroom are the more traditional travel trailer folding steps. So, you can get into the back door a bit more quickly if need be during travel. 

Boondocking and travel access 

That back door is also the secret to this trailer’s access while the big slide room is in. From the back bathroom door you have access to almost the entire kitchen as well as the bathroom, obviously. 

There is a 60-gallon fresh water tank and 49 gallons of gray water, but that’s divided between the bathroom and the kitchen into two holding tanks. One thing they’ve done that I really like is plumbed all the holding tanks into a single sewer outlet, proving that this can be done at the factory.

I wonder if the other RV manufacturers are not going to let them into the “let’s just do the cheapest thing possible club”? Well, they do use the 16” oven, so that would automatically qualify them for the official number of corners being cut.


I had mentioned the closets inside, but another area where this trailer shines is in storage on the outside. There is the usual pass-through storage in the front, of course. But there’s also a rather decent-sized storage compartment on the road side in the back. It essentially occupies the space below the bottom bunk. 

This is a perfect location for things like hoses, power cables, wheel chocks and all that sort of stuff that never really finds the best place to live when in transit. 

On the subject of windows, the Wildwood Heritage Glen Hyper-Lyte 26BHHLhas both big strengths and notable weaknesses. There is no dumb front windshield in the bedroom. But then there is only one window for the entire camp side of this trailer, and that’s a small one in the kitchen. I know windows are pricey but, sheesh, at least put one in the entry door, for Pete’s sake. Although this is a relatively easy upgrade. 

Overall, this is a bunk model trailer that offers realistic cargo carrying capacity and a basic feature set that’s going to provide overall functionality. Well, other than the lousy little oven.  

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