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RV Review: Northwood Arctic Fox North Fork 22G – Good things in small packages

Thank you to so, so many of you who write me. I really appreciate the emails and do try to respond. For example, recently Warren G. wrote: 

Tony, I know from reading your reviews you feel slide-outs can cause a lot of problems, and after we just canceled the last 3 weeks of a month tour of Michigan because of this I’m in agreement. How about a look at the Arctic Fox 22G? Seems pretty livable without a slide, and nice cold weather capability.

He’s right, you know. While I appreciate the space that slide rooms add to an RV, having handled warranties, I probably will never buy an RV that has them. And you can add auto level to that as well. I want to be able to leave a campground when it’s time to go without having to diagnose some overly complicated system. 

I also got an email from Christine, who wrote:

Thank you for reviewing a Northwood Manufacturing product. My husband and I have owned a Nash travel trailer for 9 years. We won’t own any other brand the quality is unsurpassed.

Seems like there’s something in the air. Or a lot of Northwood employees have taken to emailing me…

Arctic Fox North Fork 22G

There are a lot of RV manufacturers that bandy about the term “four seasons.” Any camper is four-season capable here where I sit in Northern California. But the Northwood Arctic Fox North Fork 22G may well suit you if you truly like camping all year long and happen to live where real winter comes a-calling. 

Northwood Manufacturing is a name you might not already be aware of. It is one of the companies headquartered on the West Coast in La Grande, Oregon. Founded in 1993, the company builds all sorts of towable RVs, including the Arctic Fox line. 

As one of the hallmarks of the brand, Arctic Fox trailers are built on a house-made steel chassis. (Most travel trailers source their frames from one of two companies.) The company has had the chassis independently certified for off-road use. Part of that certification must be the 15” off-road tires and shocks on all four wheels. 

Of course, holding tanks are heated, but the dump valves are also within a heated space so they don’t freeze, either. The windows are frameless thermopane design. The roof and sidewalls all feature block foam insulation, though that isn’t unique to this brand. 

The Arctic Fox North Fork 22G is the smallest of the family

This is the smallest of the Arctic Fox family and measures just 23’ 10”. But despite its size, it still features many of the paramount things that are hallmarks of the brand. For example, this unit is prepped for a generator. I don’t know why this isn’t more common, but it’s a great feature here. 

I am a big fan of the Fantastic vents which move much more air than those cheap bathroom fans. The Arctic Fox 22G has two: one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom. The ceilings in these trailers are also higher and vaulted, offering a spacious feeling, even in a smaller trailer. 

Based on the emails I get, there’s an avid fan base for Arctic Fox trailers. That explains why they come with logo-labeled camp chairs, a throw blanket, entry mat and even a clock. That’s almost like the umbrella that comes with a Rolls Royce. Well, not quite. 

Aside from the permanent bed, this is the exact trailer layout that I already have. But this one has a permanent bed. Also, the “Dream Dinette” in the Arctic Fox 22G is a nice touch, and there’s much more counter space here than in our trailer. Oh, and a ten-gallon water heater as opposed to the typical six-gallon unit in most RVs. 


The TV in this unit is powered by 12 volt, so you won’t have to turn on that generator if you’re boondocking and need to catch up on The Andy Griffith Show. There are also a couple of solar options, including a 100-watt and 170-watt roof-top solar panel. But I would want more if boondocking was my thing. And it is. 

Considering the size of the heated holding tanks, the construction, and the fact that you can opt-in a generator, no wonder people are writing in asking me to look at this. This is a floor plan that balances interior space with exterior maneuverability. The number of features that should prove valuable to someone over the long haul is extensive. 

The Arctic Fox North Fork 22G is a solid trailer

There are a lot of trailers that are self-described ultralight. This isn’t one of those, but the heavy-duty chassis and welded aluminum framing make for a solid trailer. But all that structure comes at a price, as this isn’t a particularly light trailer – but that’s the whole point. And, you get those snazzy chairs and blanket too. 

Tony comes to RVTravel having worked at an RV dealership and been a life long RV enthusiast. He also has written the syndicated Curbside column about cars. You can find his writing here and at StressLessCamping where he also has a podcast about the RV life with his wife. 

These RV reviews are written based on information provided by the manufacturers along with our writer’s own research. We receive no money or other financial benefits from these reviews. They are intended only as a brief overview of the vehicle, not a comprehensive critique, which would require a thorough inspection and/or test drive.

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Build quality
Boondocking readiness
Floor heater vents


The Northwoods Arctic Fox 22g is a relatively small travel trailer that's really big on boondocking readiness and build quality and materials.


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Kristoffer D Nicoll
1 year ago

You for got to mention how “Shore water” hose attachments are right on the face of exterior and not in a heated compartment like they should be and they freeze up every time it freezes even with skirts on and heaters underneath.

David Muff
1 year ago

Dear Tony,

Thank you for the excellent coverage on RVs!
While camping in the mountains is my favorite, living in Texas makes me very interested in your opinion on all air conditioners!!
I do like the Artic Fox brand. Insulation and opinions work both ways.
Keep up the great articles.


Tommy Molnar
1 year ago

We bought a 97 Nash 25S in the fall of 96. We had trailer for 16 years. We sold it and bought a 2012 Arctic Fox 25Y, and it has been a wonderful replacement. I never wanted a slide either but now that we’ve had this one, I don’t know how we could be without it. We lived in our current trailer for 7½ months last year (down in Houston) and the slide-out was a life saver.

John Macatee
1 year ago

I have a 1998 Artic Fox 22H. I love it!

patti panuccio
1 year ago

I am also not a fan of slideouts since my first a Tip Out.

1 year ago

By far my favorite TT you’ve reviewed. Just have to upgrade from my 1/2T to 3/4T, lol. Thanks!

Scott R. Ellis
1 year ago

Hey, trailer marketers? A bad job of photoshopping your product into a spectacular campsite only makes you look like liers. And you wouldn’t want *that* perception to get around, now, would you?

RV Review: Northwood Arctic Fox North Fork 22G – Good things in small packagesThe Northwoods Arctic Fox 22g is a relatively small travel trailer that's really big on boondocking readiness and build quality and materials.

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