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RV Review: East To West Entrada 2200s Class C Motorhome reveal

This is the time of year when new products start popping up. Sometimes I get notified by the manufacturers, sometimes someone at a dealership clues me in. Sometimes it’s you – you all are a great resource for this!

In this case I found out about East To West getting into the motorhome business, specifically with their Class C Entrada 2200s. My first stop in any of these reviews is at the manufacturer’s website where there is literally nothing more than a “hero” graphic (web banner image generally placed front and center on the web page) about this line. No specs, no photographs, nothing. 

Usually that would mean I’d be back when the company felt like actually going outside with a camera and tape measure and finishing their job of telling the story of the thing they’re making. But I jumped the gun here only because I’ve really liked what the brand is doing with their travel trailers. In fact, you may have read where I favored an East To West trailer over the identical Grand Design model recently. 

Now I’m curious, darn it. So here is the information I have on this motorhome. While I thought East To West was sort of gunning for Grand Design with their travel trailers, this motorhome seems more directed at things like something you might see on the Cruise America rental lot. Not that that’s a bad thing, but it’s an analogy that works. 

At under $100,000 this motorhome is more affordable that many, many Class B vans. Yet it offers a lot more – including a spacious interior relative to the exterior, towing capability and that Ford Godzilla V8 as opposed to the V6 engines in all Class B vans. 

What’s inside the East to West Entrada

The interior of these is rather pleasant and, given the overall size, also spacious. The first thing you’ll see is a four-person dinette with the “Dream Dinette” table that doesn’t have knee bashing legs; instead, it’s hung right on the wall. It does fold down to make this into a sleeping surface. The cushions on the model I saw were reversible – all a chocolate brown on one side and a cream and brown on the other. 

Some RV manufacturers provide space under their dinettes and the access to that is simply a cabinet door. That means whatever ends up all the way at the back becomes a yoga challenge for the most agile person on the journey. Instead, East To West put long drawers under either side of the dinette – which I much prefer. 

There are some really nice touches in the Entrada

I had mentioned that this was more biased to being entry-level, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some really nice touches – including those drawers. 

Class C motorhomes have a signature bunk over the cab of the truck and this one is no exception. However, this bunk area seems particularly large and spacious. There is a removable section with matching cushion here that opens up the cab more, or drops into place at night so this can become a bed. 

On the camp side of the space is a TV on a swivel arm. I’d like to be able to pivot that but that wasn’t an option on the early production model I saw. Below the TV are cup holders and cubbies for stuff – it’s a good use of the space. The overall space seems rather large and I believe an adult can sit up in here, but that’s just an assumption. 

The galley, on the camp side, consists of a solid surface countertop into which is dropped a round stainless steel sink. I like the commercial-style faucet they’re using with the exposed spring. There’s also a three-burner cooktop, but there was not an oven in the example I saw. However, East To West did outfit this with a larger convection microwave – so you could still get your cookies baked. 

Since there was no oven, the cabinet below the stovetop featured a nifty drop-down door that was oven-sized, so you could use that for storage. Below that was another drawer and then a cabinet under the sink that could easily hold a kitchen garbage can. 

The bed and bathroom in the East To West Entrada

Further toward the back on the road side of the Entrada is a nice pantry or closet that incorporates adjustable shelves and drawers beneath that. There is a slide room in this motorhome and that’s where you’ll find the bed. It incorporates a folding mattress to accommodate the slide when it’s in. 

Under the bed you’ll find some space for shoes and a bit of storage. There is a bed-side drawer toward the right of the bed but not one on the left when looking at the bed from the foot. The bed faces east-to-west. 

Opposite the bed in the East To West Entrada is a bathroom with a really decent-sized shower, especially in a coach of this size. That shower features a Nautilus shower door which is a plastic membrane-type arrangement on a roller shade with a wiper seal. I like these, but not everybody shares my opinion of these. 

The porcelain foot flush toilet is the only other thing in here. The bathroom sink is outside the bathroom between the 12-volt Magic Chef refrigerator and the bathroom wall. The toilet is a bit close to that wall, so some larger campers might have challenges completing the job they came to do. 


East To West has done a few things outside that also speak to offering a bit more for the money in this coach, including a fully painted wrap-around front cap. This means that the cap completely envelops the body. That translates into a lower likelihood that there will be a separation over time.

On the subject of longevity, the East To West Entrada is one of the few motorhomes I’ve seen that use the Azdel man-made substrate instead of Luan. This offers the advantage of being completely waterproof. That means if water ever does make its way into the walls it won’t be a huge issue. Wood could fail under those circumstances. 

There are also two camp-side storage cabinets on here. However, they have more travel trailer-style key locks. Also, the doors drop down so if you do forget to latch them properly they might flop open in transit. But the interiors feature a plastic bottom with a drain. So if there’s something wet in there it won’t damage the enclosure. 

At the rear on the road side is another cabinet that goes under the bed and is actually quite spacious. 

In summary

The RV industry is funny in some ways. I don’t understand how you can spend the amount of time it takes to develop an RV and not have a floor plan illustration and photographs for a website. I’ve commented before that Forest River in general has one of the weaker grasps on website presence. It seems that they think of a website as a brochure in that it has to be absolutely perfect before anyone sees it, rather than being able to post and then update things as they become available. 

In this respect I’m referring to pictures. Perhaps East To West could use a non-employee brand ambassador as Winnebago has so successfully done. Then they could provide information so it’s not quite official but still something of value to prospective buyers. 

While I’m in complaint gear, I wonder why Forest River in general needs another Class C brand? From the customer’s standpoint there are so, so many brands of RVs in general I don’t understand the logic of bringing out yet another one. 

I do really like the East To West Entrada for a number of reasons

However, I do really like the East To West Entrada for a combination of value, floor plan design and the materials used in the construction, along with the thinking that went into the overall build. I have also liked East To West’s products and, as mentioned in the article I referenced above, often like them better than that of the competition. 

That would be the case here, too, when looking at other Class C motorhomes in this price range. East To West has done a good job in their product offerings and, to be fair, this is a really early look at these. But those shopping for a Class C that offers a lot of value in a smaller size would do well to look at this model. 

Usually I try to get as many images from around the web as possible on an RV to include here, but there is just nothing for the Entrada at this writing.

These RV reviews are written based on information provided by the manufacturers along with our writer’s own research. We receive no money or other financial benefits from these reviews. They are intended only as a brief overview of the vehicle, not a comprehensive critique, which would require a thorough inspection and/or test drive.

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Over-cab space
Value/Build methodology
Lack of available info


Forest River's East To West brand has broken into the motorhome world with an affordable Class C that offers some build features and materials that are surprising in this price class.


  1. I like the following:

    1. Floor. There’s no raised up area that can be a trip hazard.
    2. Farmhouse paint. It feels bright and airy.
    3. Ceramic toilet.
    4. Soft-closing cabinets.
    5. 12V fridge. Worrying about propane is out of the equation.
    6. Sine Power Inverter. With the skyrocketing fuel cost, this is huge. This is not ideal in some situations but we have a portable generator for added peace of mind.
    7. Length. Good deal for visiting national parks.
    8. Cargo carrying capacity – the problem with all the short motorhomes I looked, particularly those with AWD is the sleeping space problem and CCC.
    9. Price. With the many options offered (some already standard like the cameras) that are usually found in high end motorhomes, the price is very attractive.

    i have some few things I don’t like but they offset the ones I like.

    1. Hanging overhead but it solves the sleeping for 4 problem.
    2. Two-wheel drive only but it solves the cargo-carrying capacity.
    3. Outside sink but it gives more space to walk around.
  2. We just bought a used Forest River Sunseeker LE 2250. Your description sounds very similar, floor plan is exactly the same. Maybe this has replaced the Sunseeker. Ours has an oven and a Chevy 4500 engine and the table does have a post. We just picked it up; once insured we look forward to using it! Much less expensive than a Class B!


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Forest River's East To West brand has broken into the motorhome world with an affordable Class C that offers some build features and materials that are surprising in this price class. RV Review: East To West Entrada 2200s Class C Motorhome reveal

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