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RV Review: Lance 960 Truck Camper

I like pickup campers and one of the brands most respected in that industry is Lance. Building this configuration since I was a tot, Lance Camper is one of the few RV manufacturers left in Southern California. 

Despite the assumedly temperate climate of their hometown of Lancaster (it actually gets pretty hot and pretty cold in the high desert), they are known for having very-well insulated rigs built to very high standards. Recently I had a chance to look over the new Lance 960 Truck Camper, a relatively large camper for long-bed trucks which is designed with no slides but with a good interior nonetheless. 


There are a lot of RV enthusiasts out there who demand slide rooms to make an RV a livable space. For example, the Class C parked in the next campsite over from mine has three slide rooms. 

But for myself and a lot of RV enthusiasts, the fewer slides the better. Zero is best. Why? Any number of reasons. Perhaps others also worked handling RV warranties and saw all the things that went haywire with slide rooms. Perhaps people camp so they can go outside, which is also me. Or perhaps people like simpler things. Whatever. 

Lance seems to be in a smaller pool of manufacturers who cater to us buyers who prefer no slide, and this is one of those units. Of course, the one I have dreams about is a travel trailer, the Lance 2075. 

So how usable is the floor plan, then? 

Lance has actually done a great job of making a rig that can be comfortable even when the weather is in a bad mood. 

I like that the company offers either theater seats or swiveling bucket seats on the camp side of floor plan of the Lance 960 Truck Camper. There is a decent amount of kitchen counter space, all things considered. And the bed, above the cab of the pickup, is quite comfortable. There’s a TV on one side and a closet on the other. 

Those who work in smaller spaces seem to have a knack for making the best of those. 

Options in the Lance 960 Truck Camper

There are a lot of options, which is pretty typical from this manufacturer. You can get a propane-fired generator, solar and inverter, AGM or lithium batteries, awnings on the side and in the rear, a variety of steps and even a choice of graphics. 

I love the mountain scene graphics Lance has placed as an option on most of their newer rigs much better than stripes or swirls. But you can also get those if you want them. In fact, I even saw someone recently with a pickup truck that was festooned with swishes and swirls to match their trailer. 

This model comes equipped with something you’re seeing in fewer RVs: a three-way refrigerator. The three-way fridge lets you keep the unit chilled while shuttling down the road. But it then lets you take advantage of shore power or propane functionality to really cool things down. 

As we see fewer of these, the 12-volt compressor fridges are popping up everywhere. I suspect the ol’ gas absorption stalwart is going to eventually disappear.

This rig also features a Truma Combi system which heats the water for showers and such. But it also heats the cabin space itself for, well, not freezing your own rear-end off in winter. Lance also has enclosed and heated holding tanks in this model, as is par for the Lance course. 

Pickup campers

While I usually try very hard to not make generalizations in this space, as we all have our own unique taste, I have found it’s usually men who like pickup campers. But maybe that’s because I live on a big bass fishing lake and most of the bass fishermen have pickup campers so they can also tow their bass boats. 

That being written, I will share a dislike of wet baths with the people who don’t like pickup campers for that specific reason. A wet bath offers better space efficiency, and it certainly makes sense in this configuration. But that doesn’t mean I have to like it as much as a dry bath. 

To my liking, I’d almost rather see a split bath with the shower on one side and toilet on the other, and the kitchen sink being the only sink. But I didn’t design this, did I?

Outside matters

As mentioned, one of the better things about a pickup camper is that you can drop it off while you’re out adventuring for the day – assuming the RV park permits this. There are, indeed, some who prohibit dropping off of pickup campers. I was surprised to learn this. 

Outside on the camp side is an awning, of course. This is a Carefree model that incorporates a wind sensor. It also doesn’t have arms down the side of the camper. 

In summary

Pickup campers make a lot of sense to me. You can still tow a boat, if you choose, and you can upgrade the expensive truck portion of the RV without buying a whole new rig. Or, upgrade the camper without upgrading all the driving bits. 

Lance has really positioned itself as a premium brand in the pickup camper market. This new floor plan shows why they continue to have a strong following.

Tony comes to RVTravel having worked at an RV dealership and been a life long RV enthusiast. He also has written the syndicated Curbside column about cars. You can find his writing here and at StressLessCamping where he also has a podcast about the RV life with his wife. 

These RV reviews are written based on information provided by the manufacturers along with our writer’s own research. We receive no money or other financial benefits from these reviews. They are intended only as a brief overview of the vehicle, not a comprehensive critique, which would require a thorough inspection and/or test drive.

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Lance reputation
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The Lance 960 pickup camper is a new floor plan for the company with no slides but good interior space for the right pickup truck.


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Bob M
1 year ago

The Lance 2075 is a beautiful camper, but too expensive. Some going for almost $70,000.

1 year ago

I always wonder why there are a lot of wet baths with sinks. Wet baths are to save space, and you only need one sink to brush your teeth.

David F.
1 year ago

TC’s have always been my favorite, had a Beaver and an S&S, in between TT’s and our current TH. I would go TC in a minute, if I was the only one making the choice!

Sink Jaxon
1 year ago

I love pick-up campers! These new ones are heavy tho as they have all the cool stuff. And after you fill it up with water and gear you’re going to be close to 4000 lbs. The high profile will make it a bit top heavy which is not good in the wind during travel. So, you will need a one-ton long bed and preferably a dually. You can manage one of these with a SRW but you need some Timbren SES or Firestone air bags on the rear axle. Hauling this kind of weight then putting a boat or trailer on the hitch is hard on trucks, I know from experience. TC’s, in my opinion, are for the younger folks, as they are hard to get in and out of, AND up into the bed!

1 year ago

Looks great, but at that priceit should look good: it’s unobtanium!

St. Willi
1 year ago

Looks good, what are truck size and model recommends?

The Lance 960 pickup camper is a new floor plan for the company with no slides but good interior space for the right pickup truck. RV Review: Lance 960 Truck Camper

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