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RV Review: Rockwood Geo Pro 15TB – Under $30k, plus king bed

As we look at campers under $30,000, I have another one that might be a surprise. But the surprise in the 2022 Rockwood Geo Pro 15TB isn’t the price, per se, but just how useful this camper is. 

Like me, you might look at this very small camper and think to yourself that it could be a short weekend rig, but that’s about it. But the more I looked at it, the more I realized it really could be much more than that. 

Surprise inside the Rockwood Geo Pro 15TB

The interior of this rig is much, much more capable than the exterior lets on. 

The sleeping/dining situation consists of two twin beds along each wall of the back of this trailer. During the day those are also the seats for the dinette which, through the use of a folding table, could legitimately have four real adults sitting playing games or all staring at their phones simultaneously. 

But then when it’s snoring time, the table can go away and you have two twin beds. This could be a great camper for two friends going hunting or exploring as the beds are separated by the foot space between them. Each bed is 30” X 74”, which is fine for many adults. But obviously campers taller than 6’2” are going to have issues here. 

But if you do have a camper you like to snuggle with, you can drop that table and the backrest cushions on this trailer will convert the space to a very large sleeping surface. So, literally, in a very small camper you can get almost a king-sized bed. 

I also like that there are windows along the back and sides. So if you do back up to a camp spot with great views you can enjoy those. 

Of course, Rockwood uses the frameless windows, which I like. They can be opened even if it’s raining as they’re hinged at the top. They also require less maintenance than traditional RV windows. For more air flow, there’s a high-performance fan standard and, using this, you can create quite the air flow in this camper. 


There is also a 190-watt solar panel on the roof of the Rockwood Geo Pro 15TB. All of the outlets in here are wired to the 1,000-watt inverter. True, you can’t use the microwave or air conditioner on battery power in this model. And the Power Package I wrote about a few days back is not available in this model either. 

There is a Showermiser system which directs the water for the shower back into the fresh water tank as you’re waiting for that water to get hot. This is a plus but, let’s be honest, this trailer has some very small tanks. That means your boondocking adventures will have to be thought about before you just head out. 

The big limiting thing on this trailer is going to be the 12-gallon gray water tank, honestly. But if you’re really into boondocking, you can facilitate an external gray water dump into portable containers and deal with it that way. Furthermore, I have used plastic water bags and an electric drill pump to replenish my fresh water supply in my own trailer, which works really well. 

While the tanks do have 12-volt heating pads, they are not enclosed. So you might not want to use this trailer in extreme cold conditions. 

So, as you can see, there are a few compromises with something of this size. 

Other stuff in the Geo Pro 15TB

Surprisingly the shower isn’t bad in here, nor is the bathroom for the most part. Yes, this is a wet bath, but there is a compartment that is gasketed that allows you to store things you don’t want getting wet while you’re using the shower. 

I am pretty surprised with how much storage there is in the overhead cabinets as well as in drawers and cabinets up in the front kitchen of this trailer. Rockwood’s done a good job in space utilization for this rig. I also like that the cabinet doors are hinged on the side rather than on the top. That way you’re not fighting them while you’re trying to get whatever want “back there.” 

I am also surprised by how much storage there is under the dinette on the outside of the trailer. There are access doors on the side and rear of the trailer. This is more storage space than some larger models. You can also access the side storage from inside through a door on the seat of the dinette. 

Cooking tips

The Rockwood Geo Pro 15TB is not available with an oven, but does come with a regular microwave. A convection model is available as an option. There’s a three-burner cooktop in here. But, as Josh Winters said in his video, I think a two-burner vertical cooktop might be a better use of space. Though it’s not that big of a deal. 

Where I would do most of my cooking, which is where I do most of my cooking now as it is, would be on the included flat-top griddle that hangs from the outside of the trailer. I really like this thing. Rockwood also includes a metal table that hangs on the same rail as the griddle. 


If you’ve been reading these reviews for any length of time you’ll know that I like Rockwood’s aluminum framing, and laminated construction featuring Azdel substrates on both the inside and outside. There’s also a torsion axle suspension and a lot of other features built into this trailer that I’ve talked about in other reviews. 

I also appreciate that there’s a window in the door but there’s also a shade included. These are the little details I try to point out that do actually make a difference. 

In summary

Yes, this is a small trailer. But there are a number of use cases I can see where this could serve a lot of different camping styles. Further, the small size and light weight are also going to make this more accessible to a wider variety of owners and their tow vehicles. 

So, despite the small size of this trailer, it’s actually a really usable floor plan that might be the perfect fit for some campers. 

Thanks to Josh Winters of Haylett RV for use of his photos.


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Flexible sleeping
Build quality
Small tanks


The Rockwood GeoPro 15TB offers a surprisingly usable interior in a small trailer with an MSRP under $30,000.


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Carson Axtell
1 month ago

Considering the Great Complaint of this newsletter is the poor quality of today’s RV manufacturers’ products, a word on quality of build is called for. Showcasing the amenities is nice, but it’s meaningless if the quality is only to industry standards, and we can get that anywhere. We need more than tinsel and glitter. We need a surveyor’s hard analysis of the worthiness of the product. THAT would get the attention of builders and vendors as well as the buying public…

Last edited 1 month ago by Carson Axtell
1 month ago

Good grief!

That tiny little single axle camper is $30K????

Why I feel just like Rip Van Winkle waking up a hundred years later with a 1000% inflation.

Paul B.
1 month ago

Loved the review as this is my chosen home. Steel and aluminum (no stick framing), self-contained, room to stand tippy toe, independent suspension. Woohoo. But get additional solar. There’s room for 3 more of the factory 100 watt units up there.

1 month ago

My husband and I are looking to downsize radically to something we can pull w/ a smaller vehicle (yes, maybe even an EV hybrid SUV.) I really like the looks of this.

Donald N Wright
1 month ago

Oh look ! It is the new apartments for Tesla Employees. Just line them up on the edges of the Tesla parking lots.

Tommy Molnar
1 month ago

And, you could almost tow this thing with a Tesla too (not that anyone working there could afford one . . .).